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Monday, April 8, 2019

New York Day 2

Monday, March 18, 2019

So the reason why we stopped over in New York was because our flight to Lisbon wasn't until 12:30am the next morning.  Instead of arriving in the morning and flying out at midnight, we rented an apartment for 2 nights so we could relax and check out around 9pm to go to the airport.  Uh yah. We took a taxi this time.

Randy and I woke up pretty early, so instead of waiting for Susie and Evam to wake up we went for a walk to Dougnut Plant.  We love this place and have to make a stop whenever we're in the city.  It was walking distance from our place so that's a plus!  When we got there we noticed a new place next door called Randall's Barbecue.  But what was neat about it was on the right of the sign it said LES.  It stands for Lower East Side, but we thought it looked cute :-)

We don't know where to look while taking selfies on Randy's phone...

Ahhhhh the best doughnuts in New York.....

From top left...vanilla bean, meyer lemon, carrot cake and Brooklyn blackout x2

Some sites walking back to the apartment

At first we noticed the wishbone and thought it was cute. Then we noticed the table it was's dog paws!!

We got back to our place and they still weren't awake yet.  By 8:30 we were starving (we woke up at 5 and we only shared 2 doughnuts).  We already planned to go to Katz to grab a sandwich for breakfast, but we didn't want to go with out Susie and Evam.  We had no idea when they were gonna wake up so we ended up just going without them.  Yep, this is walking distance too.  This is why I love to stay in the LES.  

We normally get one pastrami and one corned beef so we can get the best of both worlds, but today we just got the pastrami and a side order of potato salad.

It's so hard to eat these things.  They put way too much meat inside so it falls out all over the place

It's a good thing we didn't wait cause they didn't wake up till almost 11!!  I guess they had trouble sleeping the night before so they didn't fall asleep till 3ish.  
When we finally got out for the day, they all went for coffee...and since I don't drink coffee I went for ice cream instead!! hehehe.  I love this place.  This is the salty pimp.  It's ice cream sprinkled with sea salt, injected with caramel and dipped in chocolate.  It was in the 40s that morning so I didn't have to worry about it melting on me!

We walked around the city for hours...I clocked in at 25,684 steps that day according to my iphone which = 9.8 miles.  This is why when we reached here, there was no way in hell I was gonna walk up those stairs.  Besides the line was super long and we didn't want to wait anyways.  This is at Hudson Yards, in between Chelsea and Hells Kitchen
When Susie stopped in a furniture store in Chelsea the guy in there recommended an Italian restaurant nearby that was supposed to be super good.  Everyone started to get hungry so we headed back to Chelsea for an early dinner.  We took the Hudson River route.  I've never been here so it was nice!


It was a chilly but beautiful day!

On the way over to the restaurant we cut through Chelsea Market.  While passing by the Oyster Bar we decided on an appetizer

I don't remember which oyster we got but it was really good

Then we got to Serafina's.  Everything was yummy.  This was the beet salad

Grilled octopus

Randy's carbonara

My rigatoni bolognese

Susie's Margherita pizza

And Evam's mushroom risotto....omg this was sooo yummy

That was the end of our New York adventure.  We stopped by Katz to grab 2 more sandwiches for the airport.  One pastrami, one corned beef and we all shared it.  Off to Morocco we go!


jalna said...

Awesome photos, Les!!!! Love the selfie of you and Randy.

jalna said...

I'm reading your posts backwards and forwards and looking at the photos again and again and of course, now I'm all mixed up about my comments. Just wanted to mention your photo #1135 is awesome.

jalna said...

I wanna eat pasta and pizza now.

jalna said...

What lens for the food shots?

Leslie's pics said...

hahaha you're cracking me up Jalna....uhhh i hate to admit this, and it really pisses me off but all of these pics are from my iphone. I didn't bust out my camera till I got to Morocco...and for pic #1135 I didn't do much editing either. bah!

jalna said...

Whaaaaaaaaatttt!!!!??? Phone!!!!!!

Leslie's pics said...


Anonymous said...

You and Randy did a lot that day! Bet you had a good night’s rest on the plane. The food all looks delicious. Great pics.


Leslie's pics said...

Yah Izsmom, you put me in any moving vehicle and I will pass out immediately. I hope I didn’t miss too much on our van rides on this trip!