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Sunday, April 14, 2019


March 24 & 25, 2019

So we flew on a little plane over to Marrakech.  I was worried I would get sick but the flight was pretty smooth.  TP Air Portugal is actually a pretty good airline!  We flew with them for all of our international flights.  Oh in case you were wondering, we went from HNL-SFO-JFK-LIS (Lisbon)-FES.  On the way home we went from RAK (Marrakech)-LIS-JFK-HNL.  Taking a breather in New York was a nice way to break up all of those flights

We arrived in Marrakech in the early evening so we didn't do much that day.  It was nice to just get settled in and relax for the evening.

We stayed at Riad Le Jardin Des Sans.  And I can't believe it but I don't think I have any pictures of this place.  What an idiot!!!  It wasn't as nice as the other place so you're not missing much.

The next day we took a tuktuk to Jardin Marjorelle Garden.  I think it cost us about 5 bucks for the four of us.  This guy was super nice.  Khalil (the dude in brown) is one of the workers at the riad.  He set it up so when we text "tuktuk" to him he would pick us up later on in the afternoon.  That's about all we could do since he didn't speak English.  We weren't sure if it would work but he showed up about 10 minutes after we texted him!  Having Khalil was good too because we didn't have to negotiate a price.  He did it for us.

Surprisingly we all fit in this little thing!


We left a little later than expected so when we got there there was a loooooong line to get in.  I really didn't want to wait but we didn't have anything else planned so what da hell...can you find Randy and Evam?  They're kind of hiding so it's kind of hard.  Anyways, we were standing in line for about 45 mins before we got to this spot.

You can read about Jardin Marjorelle here





While we were walking around I heard these cute squeaky sounds, and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from.  We listened closely and noticed there were these tiny frogs in the pond, I guess they're like coqui frogs.  If you look real close you can see them

Tomorrow we go to the Atlas Mountains and a Berber Village!


Anonymous said...

Nice pics. 45 minute wait, in my younger days I could handle, but now that I’m getting old...I would say pass! LOL. I had a hard time finding the frogs,they blend in well with the lily pads.


jalna said...

Nice garden! Glad the "tuktuk" text worked out. Better than Uber!

Leslie's pics said...

Yah Izsmom, I don't blame you. Waiting sucks, especially when it's hot!

hahaha jalna! No kidding, I never thought about that!