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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hiking down Pali Lookout

Saturday, September 25, 2010
Pali Lookout

CQ and the gang gathered together to hike down the Pali Lookout and then down into Maunawili yesterday. Jalna and I had other obligations so we weren't able to go on the Maunawili portion of the hike...maybe we gotta go back someday. Make sure you check out Jalna's pics, she has a beautiful picture of me next to some kind of speed bump thingy. I don't want to brag, but I think this one's a keeper. Here she is looking for the perfect place for our group shot (oh yah the group shot is on her blog too...):

The two criminals caught in the act
Jalna. Head degenerate. Don't mess with her.
Bye bye everybodeee! See you on Monday! Geez, they just left us in the dust! hahaha!
A perfect day to go on a hike...
Shouldn't someone come and take care of this trail that nobody's supposed to go on? It made my legs all itchy!
Where the heck is she going?
She's trying to find ways to hide out at weddings that she's not invited to so she can slyly snap some pictures of the bride
Jalna in action...what she's taking a picture of, who the heck knows!
Note to self: Don't try and take a picture of the sun shining through the branches. You'll be seeing black spots for 10 minutes after that!
Can anybody tell me where this road goes? It looks kinda spooky!
There were these little drainage holes on the bridge and when I happened to look down one I saw all the cars driving up the Pali. Neat yah!
Where did everybody go???
Where is she going now??
Hidden Honolulu?
This is the beginning of the Maunawili trail. We decided to stop here and head back up to the car
Another beautiful day in Paradise!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy (late) Grandparent's Day!

Saturday, September 18, 2010
Ann Pearl Nursing Home

It was a hot and muggy day out at Ann Pearl this morning but that didn't stop us from joining Ann Pearl's Mexican grandparent's day celebration!! It was so cute, all the residents had on these faux ponchos and big ol sombreros! I didn't take any pictures of the residents this time cause I never like get in trouble again...

woo hoo! first try! right in the puka!
not bad for 97 years old, eh?
I was thirsty and was hoping gramma could win me a soda but no luck on this one...
alpacha? llama? who knows? I'm betting on llama since his hair isn't as long and fluffy as the ones I seen in San Diego. His face does look exactly like them though, huh?
I made friends with this cow (big surprise there...), and he was licking my arm. Did you ever have a cow lick you? It's kinda sore! Their tongues are kinda pokey so it's like they're scratching you as they lick you.
For some reason Dylan refused to go into the petting zoo so he petted whatever he could from here.
I was praying he wouldn't spit on me!
how he fit in Quentin's car seat I don't know...

Happy grandparent's day gramma! Mmwwwahhh!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jalna and her precious stones...

Sunday, September 12, 2010
Blaisdell Center

I had about 2 hours to kill in between fashion shows so Jalna and I took a stroll around to see what kind of neat stuff they had in the hundreds of booths lined up in the exhibition hall. Let's just say that we BOTH contributed quite a bit to the economy today...I won't even mention how much Jalna spent at this booth but she was there for about an hour and at one point she runs over and tells me "I'll be back...I gotta to the the ATM!" YIKES!
I didn't even know she was into this kind of stuff, but take a look at what she bought...pretty yah?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Blue Buddha Fashion Show

Sunday, September 12, 2010
Blaisdell Center

After the pet fashion show (and after Jalna and I spent a whole lotta money!) Blue Buddha, a local fashion boutique in Honolulu had their own little walk down the runway...