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Monday, September 21, 2009

1st Annual Mike Sakamoto Memorial Fishing Tournament

Sunday, September 20, 2009
Pier 38, Honolulu

Today was the weigh-in for the first annual Mike Sakamoto Memorial Fishing Tournament. Mike Sakamoto was a local celebrity who sadly passed away earlier this year to Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Jenny, one of my BFFs from the 3rd grade just happens to be married to his son Paul. I know squat about fishing, and neither does Jenny so I thought I'd go out, take a few pics, and keep her company...

They had a gyotaku shirt printing booth, and it was really neat!
This is Jenny's daughter Emily waiting patiently for her shirt to be printed...
And here's her finished t-shirt!
Paul and his sister Stefanie
The Sakamoto Family
Jenny, Emily, Paul, Stef, and mom Kat Sakamoto
Local celebrity Audy Kimura, a long time friend of Mr. Sakamoto and Queen of the contest (I think her name was Nikki, but I can't remember, sorry!) She's the one of the models for Maui Divers Jewelry...she's very pretty! They said her face is on the side of the Maui Divers Bus!
Measuring and weighing of the fish...
They had good prizes! I was hoping to win something with my raffle ticket but I came home empty handed :(
All of the fishermen got to take pictures with their fish and the queen...
People of all ages entered!
The kids were kept occupied by putting stickers on Uncle Paul's head.
Look how cute this girl is! Isn't she adorable?
This was the winning Ulua catch:
All the children who entered won something...not bad, eh?
These two cute boys are actually sons of a high school friend of mines, Ty Takata. Sorry, I forget their names!
This is Stan Wright, another long time friend of Mr. Sakamoto
The winner board (if you double click on the picture you can actually read it...)
All of the top winners took home a framed gyotaku print and some other goodies.
My friend calls these guys Jah-ponese....hahaha!! get it?
Emily drew me this picture. Cute yah?
Mommy and Emily.
For those of you into stamping and crafting, especially Hello Kitty, Jenny makes some really cute stuff! Check out her blog here. Paul and Jenny also have a videography business, Captured Memories Hawaii. They actually shot video at my wedding and it was awesome!!
This was a great turnout for the first year! Hope to see everyone again next year!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Dustin!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Do you remember my neighbor Dustin? It seems like just yesterday I was taking his newborn pics (if you look on the left side of the page, he's the one on the bath towels)...anyways, today is his 2nd birthday! Mommy Dawn wanted some updated pics so I went over this morning photograph this hansome boy!

Daddy Scott and Mommy Dawn
Cousin Jaedyn
Aunty Robyn, Uncle Pila and cousin Jaedyn
I tried to do the same with Dustin but he seemed a bit uninterested.
It seems he'd rather eat rocks instead!
He liked this approach better
He thought he'd tease Mick and Mattie with a chew toy...
Mick was going absolutely nuts!
And of course when she finally got the toy, she wouldn't let Mattie play with it!