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Thursday, April 18, 2019


March 28, 2019

For our last full day we took a trip down to Essaouria, a beach town west of Marrakech.  I think it was about a three hour drive down there, I slept almost the entire time.  The only reason why I really wanted to go here was for this...
Yup, you saw that right, GOATS IN TREES!!!  These goats climb the argan trees to eat the fruit.  Normally they climb up during the summer but since it's a tourist trap they send um up there all year long.  I didn't care, as long as they weren't strapped in the trees like I've read about.  Aren't these guys the cutest??  They just happen to be on the same route down to the beach
I wanted to get a good pic for a Christmas card but none of them came out how i'd liked.  Our faces looked funny in all of them for one reason or another and also people like this just decided to walk into our photo...
The beach down there was really pretty.  There was also a medina that we walked around in, it was much mellower and nicer than Marrakech.  Marrakech is like Waikiki on steroids!
When we were walking around the medina I saw this....who da hell would want to become fatter?  I was gonna buy some for Randy.  hehe
When we got back to Marrakech I was hungry so I decided to try's a mixed sandwich with a whole bunch of stuff you really don't wanna know what's inside.  We tasted this from a different stand the day before and I wanted to see if it was just as good.  It was! I forgot to take a picture of it though...I think it was about $1.50


jalna said...

Awwww, last day already. So funny the photo bombers. And the goats! So amazing.

Leslie's pics said...

So irritating the photo bombers!! grrrr

Anonymous said...

Wow! So neat the goats on the tree! People are so clueless or maybe really thoughtless when other people are taking pics. But I like the pic of you and Randy at the beach. I had to giggle at the herbs and what they’re good for. LOL


Leslie's pics said...

haha so funny that you liked the pictures of us on the beach. We were all habuts by then. I forget why but i know we were both grouchy about something!