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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cherie and Casey

Kailua, HI

Do you remember baby Emma?  Well mommies Cherie and Casey participated in a civil union ceremony today at their house in Kailua.  I was honored to have been asked to witness this event.

Mother nature was messing with us all day.  I called my mom in the morning and she said that it was raining.  I thought it would be ok since the ceremony wasn't until 4:30.  When I got to the house it was overcasty and perfect.  Perfect until...right before everyone was to walk down the aisle!  At least it only rained for a few minutes.  The rest of the evening was beautiful.

This is what it looked like before the ceremony...
 Dexter was the well-behaved ring bearer
 Then Mother Nature came along...
 It's a good thing we put up the tent!!
 They hired a taco truck to cater their food!  It was awesome.  If you're ever driving around and run into the Camille's on Wheels truck, you should stop and give her a try! She was even featured on Food Network's Eat Street!!
 Did you know that you can apply for your marriage license online??  I guess I'm not getting the "signing of the license" shot!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Baby Max

Sunday, January 8, 2012

After gramma's luncheon I headed over to my cousin Kyle's house to meet his new baby Max.  Max Ryle was born on January 6th at Kapiolani Hospital.  You know mom was in labor for only about an hour?? Wow. Lucky!  I didn't have Jalna to help me so I had to depend on my two cousins and my uncle during a football game....hahaha gee, that was hard!  Note to self -- check the football schedule before volunteering to take pictures.  Just kiddin guys, thanks for your help!!

While Max was being fed Wilbur had his time to shine...

 My favorite pic of the day...
 Big sister Stella woke up from her nap (or did Uncle Kevin wake her up??) so we tried to get some pictures of her too