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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I heart Edward Burns!!

I've always been a big fan of Edward Burns, now I just love him even more!
For all you Canon fans out there...check this out...

Trailer for the movie:


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Y&M Christmas Ornament Contest 2011

Today is the judging for our 1st annual Christmas ornament contest at work.  We had to make a Christmas ornament out of a 3" styrofoam ball and attach it with a saying/poem about your submission.  Of course, that was Dr. Muranaka's idea.  What a way to ruin a contest! hahaha. Just kiddin.  I was really impressed with all the entries.  I feel sorry for the judges. They are really gonna have a difficult time choosing a winner.  Oh yah, did I mention that there was money involved??  !st place - $75, 2nd place - $50, 3rd place - $25.  So worth it!  I know i'm not gonna win, but I had fun anyways.  It was stressful though!  Can you guess which one was mine??

 This one actually lights up like Rudolph's nose!!
 This one lights up too!!  And the christmas tree spins!  Amazing!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kelli Ann and Tomiko 2011

Lanikai Beach

Kelli Ann is back from college so mom Doreen called me the other day asking if I could take her annual Christmas picture.  We decided on Lanikai because 1) They've never been there before (WHAT???!!) and 2) we wanted to stay away from the marathon madness (yah, I was supposed to run again this year but I was too lazy).  As we were driving down to the beach I was asking Kelli what year she was in college...sophomore? She laughed and said she's graduating this summer!! HOLY COW!  How time flies...

Lanikai was really windy today and I was worried that we wouldn't be able to get any good pics.  We were lucky that it died down enough for us to catch a few.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Joanne, Greg and Nikola

Makiki Valley Trail

This had to have been my fastest shoot ever.  I think we were done in 20 minutes. The weather was junky (it started to drizzle...), Nikola wasn't happy (I think he was hungry...), and the darn mosquitoes were eating us alive!  I think we got a couple keepers. Anyways, it's always fun with the Young Family!