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Saturday, November 3, 2018

80 Day Obsession Day 20

Ok, so here's my "quit your whining" post...It's been 20 days since I started this and I was hoping for more dramatic results.  I know they keep saying don't compare yourself to anyone else but I'm calling bulls%*t.  I've been getting up at 4 in the morning, keeping with my diet and you can barely even tell.
I hear phase 2 (which starts on day 27) is a killer and you're supposed to really see results then.
We shall see......

Ok here it goes.  I had to wear different clothes so I could put my side by side together more easily.



You can only really tell from the back.  That fold on the left is finally getting a little smaller.  I SWEAR IT SHOULD BE GONE BY NOW!!  

These measurements are compared to day 1
Weight -3 lbs (REALLY?!? THAT'S IT???)
Body fat  -.5% (WTH?!?! I WENT UP 2%!) ARGHGHGHGHGGH
Chest 34" (-1")
Waist 36" ('1")
Hip 46" (-1")
Left Thigh 24" (hmmm I wonder if I measured wrong last week.  Went up .5")
Right thigh 24" (no change)
Arms - no change


Anonymous said...

You looking firmer. Hang in there!


Leslie's pics said...

arhghghghghghhhh thanks Izsmom! I don't feel firmer! >:(

Anonymous said...

Keep it up, I see improvement! You're looking good! It really makes me feel like starting up an exercise routine too, you inspire me! - L

Leslie's pics said...

Thanks L! The exercise isn't the hard part for me, it's the snacking and all the good food that I like to eat :-|

jalna said...

Whoa!! In your profile view, totally can tell!!!

Leslie's pics said...

really? hmmm....