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Wednesday, November 7, 2018


Ok, so yesterday was rubbish day.  Just as I was going to my car I noticed that the rubbish man already came so I went to take the gray bin back to it's spot in the garage.  I went to spin it to park it and I RAN OVER MY FREAKIN BABY TOE.  HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIT (please excuse my language) but it hurt!!!  Realllllly bad.  I figure, eh, I can deal with it, so I hopped in my car and drove to work.  I got to the parking structure and started walking and it was THROBBING.  I was hobbling up to my office bitching to myself for being so stupid.  So I did my portagee first aid and practically sat at my desk all day. (yah yah, don't mind the nail polish, I gotta take if off but I keep forgetting, plus I'm lazy.  The glitter kind takes forever to remove!)

It was pretty funny.  I couldn't hold it any other way!! It was in an irritating spot, but it worked well.  The pain was fine as the ice numbed it but once the numbness went away it was sore again.  I was worried I may have broke the stupid thing.  

It kinda felt better by the end of the day so I figure I'd just sleep on it overnight and see how it felt in the morning.  I woke up feelling good!  It was sore but nothing like yesterday.  UNTIL MATTIE STEPPED ON MY TOE.  ARRGHGHGHGHGHGHGGH.  I did some meditational breathing because I knew today was cardio day and it was gonna be rough.  I sucked it up and started my workout.  I had to do a lot of the "modified" versions of the exercises today which kinda sucked cause I normally can do the regular ones.  

After I was pau I took off my shoes and socks and noticed this...


No wonder da buggah was so sore!

On the brighter side, I treated myself to some new workout shoes cause mines was super old and I kinda don't like them.  Go figure.  They arrived the day I smooshed my toe.  I ordered two, just in case I didn't like one, and I can always return it to Nordstrom Rack for free. I was only gonna keep one but I kinda like both and they were on sale so what the heck.  It's a sympathy purchase for my injury :-) Did I tell you they were on sale?!? BONUS! (I just need justification for my purchase...)
IMG_0364 2
So I came to work today and was showing off my beautiful feet when I noticed it looks uglier now.  So just to brighten your day, here's my lovely toes!


Anonymous said...

Oy! I dropped a heavy lid on my toe and the pain became increasingly unbearable, the throbbing in tune with my heart. Finally went to urgent care and come to find out the bruised muscle or whatever was lying/sitting on top of a nerve and as it filled with blood, pressed on it. They had to cut it open to relieve the pressure but the numbing injection into it I felt to the tips of hair. OMG. That black blood took about 8 months to rise so I could cut it out. So I feel for ya except you're braver than me -N

Leslie's pics said...

OH.MY.GAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWD. I can't even imagine. I don't think mines is anywhere near your toe!!

Anonymous said...

Itaiiiii!! Looks so sore!!! Hope it’s better today. And why not two shoes?? You deserve it working so hard on those workouts.


jalna said...

Holy cow, that looks horrible!!

Leslie's pics said...

Feels much better today Izsmom, thanks for agreeing with my justification!!

Jalna - yaaaaaahhhh it's pretty horrible. bah!