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Sunday, November 4, 2018

These Damn Compression Loops

I have a love/hate relationship with these damn loops.  They are great for the exercises, they make them much harder due to how tight they are. 

yellow = easiet
green = medium
blue = tightest

But they keep rolling on me and it's sooooooo IRRITATING!!! They give you two sets of loops when you buy the program.  9" for the normal people and 12" for people with fat legs (like me) or if you're tall, like 5'10" or bigger.  I noticed that the 12" don't give enough resistance so I force myself to use the 9" ones.  This is what it's supposed to look like, and your butt feels like it's on fire when it works right
IMG_0347 copy

Then for some exercises we double up to make it harder and then this happens.  The damn bands start to dig into your legs and it hurts!  I swear I have to pause the video so many times so I can fix the stupid things that I end up adding another 10 mins to my workout.  I'm sitting there sweating and swearing at 5 in the morning cause I can't get the damn things to stay on right.  It's so frustrating!!!  It doesn't even look that bad in the picture.  It rolls more than that when I'm actually in an exercise so it digs in more.
IMG_0349 copy

Ok. done venting for today.  It's my rest day so I was able to sleep in so I'm happy.


Anonymous said...

I hate those things! I should do more strength training but can’t stand it. So, I just stick to walking/jogging everyday. That’s why I’m so flabby (chocolate and carbs are my weaknesses).


Leslie's pics said...

Ooooooh Izsmom, chocolaate and carbs are my FAVORITE!!! It sucks that I started this thing now, i have to go through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Ugh....

jalna said...

You are my hero!

Leslie's pics said...