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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Last Day in Korea...

Gyongbokgung Palace

I was too pooped last night to post this so I'm a day late on this one...we didn't have a mission today so we decided on Gyongbokgung Palace.  Yah, we had to do at least one educational thing on this trip!  It was a perfect day to go on a tour...

Started off with breakfast at a little 24 hour noodle place near our hotel.  This is Randy's meal, around $5.  That musubi was delicious!

Here's mine, $4.  His was hot, mines was cold.  Tasted like a somen soup, the broth tastes just like the dashi

We got lucky!  It was some kind of cultural day so admission was free!








There were free walking tours so we joined in...we lasted about half an hour...I know, so bad yah?  We broke off and went back to Namdaemun so Randy could look for sunglasses and I could get a snack :)



While he was looking at glasses I saw a vendor selling these for 700won (about 65 cents).  It was good!  It was a Korean pancake type texture with a mandoo like filling.

If you go by Gate 2, you'll see a line outside like this

The line moves pretty fast, they are cooking another pancake type thingy with a chap chae filling! Yum!  It was only 1000 won!

Note to self...wait until the darn thing cools off before taking a bite!  The darn thing burned my tongue.  

It was big enough for us to share...


Walking around Insadong...


I thought this Seoul mural was so cute!


It was time for dinner and we wanted to try fried chicken.  Sooooo didn't disappoint!!

Since we had an early dinner, we went back to the room to rest a little.  By 8:00 we were ready to head out again.  We checked out Myeong Dong, a crazy shopping street with a ton of street food!  Too bad we were still full from dinner so we only tasted a couple of things :(

hehehe, yup, had to try it!  It was 3000 won.  DELISHHHH!

We were gonna try this potato chip thing but decided against it

I did see a dude grilling this tako though, it looked really good.  I couldn't resist

This is after he added mayo, bonito flakes and some kind of was really good! I think it was 3000 won


jalna said...

The food looks awesome!

Honolulu Aunty said...

My kind of day - 1/2 hour of tourist looking and the rest of the day shopping & eating with a bit of a rest in-between.
Great that Korea is still relatively inexpensive! I thought it would be more because of the Korean dramas and how modern day Seoul looks like Tokyo. Love the foodie pics and your hubby is funny in how he doesn't smile for the camera - not like the sheep...

mmiissee said...

It seems like the food in Korea is cheap.
Another reason to travel to Korea.

Kalin's Mommy said...

The musubi looks good!

Leslie's pics said...

Honolulu Aunty - yah the food is really cheap there and really tasty. I wouldn't quite say that modern day Seoul looks like Tokyo because it's waaaaay dirtier. That's why I love Japan so much, it's so clean!! Hubby has a problem...either you get him smiling or you get his eyes open. It's rare that you get both! We did get a few today though, I'll post it after dinner :)

mmiissee - yup! We spent 3 days there, I brought up $300 worth of won, and Randy brought $500. I still have about $100 left and that's after trying to spend it! Randy has about $250. We didn't want to buy too much souvenirs because we still had to fly back to Tokyo...

Michele the musubi was delicious!!!! Randy wanted to buy a bag of their seasoned nori there so he could eat musubi everyday ;)