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Monday, March 28, 2016

I'm in Korea!!


Randy and I have never been to Korea so instead of staying a whole two weeks in Japan we decided on visiting Korea for 3 days.  We're staying in Insadong and from the few hours we've been here we came to the conclusion that this place is CRAZY!  Lots of drunk men walking around here, Randy will fit right in....Since we got to the hotel at about 6pm so by the time we settled in we were starving.  We walked to Kwangjang Market, about 15 minutes away from our hotel.  Speaking of walking, I forgot that our room in Tokyo had a foot massager.  I used it this morning before we headed to the airport and I was in heaven!!


This is the king of street foods.  It was quite overwhelming!  Randy didn't get to try this tonight but I'm sure he'll come back for some...

When you walk in all you see are rows and rows of food vendors


We decided on this lady...

We got chop chae (couldn't resist, it's my FAVORITE!), Bakgane Bindaetteok and Korean sushi.  All of it was quite yummy and if I got the calculations correct it was about $12.




Overall it was quite overwhelming.  So many vendors selling the same stuff so we don't know which one is the good one.  I also was scared to bust out my camera too cause I didn't want to get in anyone's way while trying to get a shot.  It's also quite dirty, Chinatownish so if you're squirmish then you might want to stay away.

But if you need shoes this lady might have a pair for you!

So I guess Korea is known for their fried chicken so we're probably gonna be eating a lot of it while we're here.  On the way back to the hotel we noticed that this place had a line.  We were watching them make it and it looked really good.  Since Randy was still hungry we bought one and brought it back to our room.  OH.MY.GAWWWWWD.  This chicken was DELICIOUS!!!



Tomorrow is gonna be a long day so i'm gonna go to bed now, hopefully I'll get a good night's sleep.  It might rain so hope it doesn't damper our plans!


jalna said...

Very, very cool that you're there, but ho da culture shock!! What's up with all da shoes? I like all the photos!

Leslie's pics said...

No kidding Jalna...especially from coming from someplace as clean as Japan, to this!! I wanted to ask the shoe lady to pull one out from the middle to see what would happen :-) I wonder how she keeps track of what she got!! If everything goes well it's gonna be an awesome day....i'm so excited!!!

Honolulu Aunty said...

LOL - lots of drunk men walking around, and your Randy fitting in! Hope you have a really great time. I want to eat black noodles - jarjarmin with takuan - just like in the Korean dramas. Mashta!

Leslie's pics said...

We're having a blast Honolulu Aunty! My legs and feet are getting sore from all the walking but that was expected. We still have a bunch of stuff on our list that we want to eat and we only have a day and a half more!