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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Day I've Been Waiting For!!!

Namdaemun Market
Bau House Cafe
Thanks Nature Cafe

I've been waiting for this day ever since we started researching stuff to do in Korea...We started off the day at Namdaemun Market, it's almost like Ameyoko in Tokyo




These were 2 for about a dollar USD.  

How anyone can find anything in this place is a mystery to me...

After the market we had an early lunch of Bibimbap.  It was yummy!

I'm not a big kim chee eater but this was one delicious!!

Then it was off to Bau House Cafe!!!  

This is a dog sitter/cafe where you can order a few beverages and hang out with some dogs!!  It was the cutest thing ever!!  (Sorry Mick and Mattie!)




You can buy snacks for the dogs and you'll get all the attention!



Sorry, I know that was a lot of dogs but I couldn't resist...
In case you're wondering how to get there, 
Take the subway to HAPJEONG STATION, exit 5
Walk behind the station then take the first left.  You will see this sign:

Bau House will be almost immediately on your right.  I think they open at 1:30

After Bau House we went to another cafe, Thanks Nature Cafe!

SHEEP!!  Yes!  Sheep!  So, so, so, so cute!!  If you want to go here you should go to their Facebook page and message them to see if the sheep will be there when you want to go.  I guess they're not there everyday?? Who knows?

What was so cool about this place was it was only one subway stop away from Bau House!!
Take the subway to HONGIK UNIVERSITY STATION (Line 2), Exit 9
Walk to the big intersection and turn left, you will see a slight hill.
Walk towards the university's main gate, the cafe will be on your left hand side


For both of these places they ask that you purchase something from their menu to be able to sit with the animals.  This was my tea that I ordered.  Cute yah!

We walked around a bit more and now I'm totally exhausted.  We went for a quick dinner near our hotel and it was cheap and delicious!!  This whole meal cost us around $17 USD

Good night!  See you tomorrow!!!


jalna said...

OMG so, so, so, so fun!!!!! GREAT PHOTOS!!!!

jalna said...

BTW, what WAS that intestines-on-a-stick thing?

Leslie's pics said...

hahaha Randy didn't go into the gated area with the sheep with me but he was standing outside watching and taking pictures. He then yells "are you taking a selfie with a sheep?!?!" and I hear some guys laughing. I didn't know I had an audience! :D

Oh, and those aren't intestines, it's a fishcake thingy. I think you'd like it! hahahaha

Kalin's Mommy said...

Oh so cute, they look so clean and well groomed!

Leslie's pics said...

I know right! I was kinda surprised cause the city is pretty dirty...

jalna said...

OMG, I am totally cracking up right now. Your selfie with the sheep . . . THE SHEEP IS SMILING. Sooooo funny!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oops, meant to post to this one about the 6,000 Chinese celebrating their sales awards.

Leslie's pics said...

oh you shoulda heard me when i looked at the pic after I took it! I was so excited!! :D

jalna said...


KitTKat said...

Korean food never looked sooooo good!

Leslie's pics said...

No kidding. I told Randy with the amount of Koreans that live in Hawaii you would think we could find food like this!

mmiissee said...

I love animals...I wish I could have a farm.
Now I really want to travel to Korea.

mmiissee said...

I love animals...I wish I could have a farm.
Now I really want to travel to Korea.

Leslie's pics said...

mmiissee - me too!!! I keep finding places on the internet about places to visit where I can play with the husband thinks i'm nuts!