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Friday, April 1, 2016

It's Springtime In Japan!

Ueno Park

I must say...Randy and I have been lucky whenever we visit in the spring.  Since there's only about a two week window to see the cherry blossoms in view, I think this is the third or fourth time we've come in the spring and each time it's been in full bloom.

What a difference a few days make.  We came to Ueno on the second day we were here just to check on the progress of the trees.  They were pretty bare, just a few here and there blooming.  When we walked in today here's what we saw...


The place was packed!  As much as I love the internet I think it's starting to ruin all the places i've come to love.  People pushing and shoving, selfie sticks everywhere you turn...when I came here for the first time it was nothing like this.  That's because we had to research it in travel books...and who wants to do that these days??

I had to hunt for spots where nobody was in my way...


We bought these sweet potato sticks as a snack.  It was really good!

See what I mean?




I was able to get a semi-smile out of Randy!


Honolulu Aunty said...

Great timing, still beautiful even though so many people are around. Funny - Randy's smiling picture. He looks like the Korean drama nobles that always have a certain face on. Hardly ever see their teeth.
That's okay - you make up for it with your great smile.

Leslie's pics said...

hahaha I thought I had a picture with him actually showing his teeth, it must be on his phone. I'll upload those later.

It is still beautiful, I just hope they respect the area and not dirty it up!

jalna said...

Feels like I'm there!

Leslie's pics said...

I wish you were here!!!! Ho but plenty walking this time...I always think of you when we hit the stairs in the station. Had to carry our luggage a couple of times. Good thing Randy was with me. He carried my bags for the most part. He would take his up first, I would follow with my bag and he would run back down to take over :)