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Saturday, March 26, 2016

We're back in Japan!!

Days 1&2...

I've been slacking on posting this trip only because I don't wanna bore you with the same old stuff that we always and eat, shop and eat, shop and eat.  So these past few days I was taking pics with only my iphone so I didn't have to drag my camera around with me everywhere.

This is what it looked like going through customs when we arrived.  It was a madhouse!!  I've never ever ever seen it this busy.  I swear 10 flights must've came in at the same time!! It took us one hour to get cleared.  It usually takes about 10 minutes.

We didn't do much on the first day, it took us 4 hours from the time we landed until we got to the hotel.  We were pooped.  But the next morning we went for our usual cheap sushi and beer breakfast from Sushi Zanmai.  We walked to Tsukiji and it was nice and chilly, about 43 degrees, so we worked up an appetite!  Of course they didn't disappoint, this was yummmmy!!

For 3000¥ you can't go wrong!

Except when you order 3 beers, a sake and a 7more pieces of sushi then your cheap breakfast comes out to 105,000¥!!  Of course I told Randy I'd treat him to breakfast...sheesh.

Did you see Jalna's post about these oranges?  I told her I'd try one here

So worth it.  Very sweet and juicy!

We also bought some strawberries.  Sorry, we ate two before I remembered to take a picture!  These were 900¥ and worth every penny!

After walking around a bit in the cold Randy got hungry again so he stood in line for ramen.  The line moves pretty fast so we only waitied about 20 minutes.



We did a little shopping in Shibuya and stopped by Drunkard's different in the daytime!

Yes!  It's actually called Drunkard's Alley!

We then went to Shinjuku so I could look for a Hello Kitty sweetshop that either doesn't exist anymore or I'm just blind.  I was so exhausted looking for that place that I finally just gave up. I did find this tamago pop up shop though!  I still don't understand this guy but he's cute!

For dinner we found one of our favorite restaurants...Negishi!!

Not sure what the day has in store for us today....we're just winging it on this trip!


Kalin's Mommy said...

Those oranges look way better than what we have in Hawaii, LOL! Also cheaper! Food looks good as usual!

Leslie's pics said...

yah so worth the 250¥!!! I'm gonna come back 20 lbs heavier...and that's with all the walking!

Leslie's pics said...

So far so good!

Anonymous said...

Sure hope you didn't run into those 6,000 Chinese celebrating bonus sales awards!

Leslie's pics said...

v- oh they're here alright!!