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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tokyo, Day 3

Today was another boring day (not for me, for you...) we just walked around Akihabara a bit and went out for a nice sushi dinner...

Does anyone else play this game on their phone?  It's called Neko Atsume and it's practically brainless but it's extremely cute.  You buy food and toys and place them in your yard, go back and check about 10 minutes later then cats appear!  You can then take pictures of all your cats and buy them new toys to play with.  I think I have about 30 cats now.  For someone who hates cats in real life, I'm kinda addicted!  I didn't try for one of these though, I know I'd be wasting all my money

Still debating if I want to go back and get this...

I found these bread snacks at a bakery in Ueno...they were so cute I had to buy them!  They didn't even taste that good but I didn't care...ha!

We couldn't get reservations to the restaurant that Randy wanted to go to so my friend Yasuo was able to get reservations at Sushi Aoki in Ginza for us.  I think this is the only Michelin rated sushi restaurant or something like that.  The food was excellent.  

So cute yah?


Obviously some of these are Randy's...

Ok tomorrow's a big day!  I'm actually gonna bust out my camera so stay tuned...


jalna said...

Those are iPhone photos??!! Wow, nice!

Leslie's pics said...

yah i was surprised too...makes me think twice about busting out my Canon!