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Friday, May 4, 2012

Paris Day 2

April 25, 2012

It was another crappy day in Paris so we couldn't do much today.  We were researching and we saw a Tokyo exhibit that we could go to, we figured that we could see some modern Japanese funky art.  When we got there I swear there wasn't any Japanese artists in the whole place!  Weird.

This is the inside of my least the sleeping area isn't as bad as that darn tub!

 Randy actually bought this beer to taste.  It was kinda horrible.

 This was the warning when we walked through the door...
 These three little girls were so cute!
 Ok, I know absolutely nothing about art, but this belongs in an art exhibit??  It looks like my nephew Dylan drew it!!
 My husband thought he could be creative...
 This was a cool skateboard ramp
 What the heck?  Fans blowing stuff hanging from the ceiling?!?!

 I wanted to go to the lawn that fronted the Eiffel Tower to re-create a picture that we took in 2003.  Unfortunately the stoopid weather prevented us from doing so.  We had to take pics from a different vantage point instead. :(

 Randy's co-worker told him about a restaurant that supposedly made some awesome salads with crispy potatoes on top of it.  We had to go check it out
 I ordered the the "SALADE GASCON"  it was yummy!  And HUGE!!
Randy ordered the Boeuf Bourguignon.  Sorry so blurry. Taken with the iphone...

 I didn't get a picture of Randy's but he said it was ok.  I didn't taste it, I was too busy eating mines! :p

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