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Friday, May 4, 2012

Last day in Paris

 April 29, 2012

Some pics from Randy's camera that I forgot to upload...

Pretty cool, eh?

 I had to to get one last Berthillon ice cream cone!!

We stopped by a little local cafe for lunch...I ordered the salmon salad (saumon poche) and Randy got the Macaroni a la creme de truffes
 Mines was kinda junk, not much flavor
 Randy's one was reaaaaalllly good!! I wish I ordered that!

 This place has AWESOME falafels.  Can you see the line?? It was really long!  But sooooo worth it! I forgot to get a picture of it cause we just started eating and it was really messy.  Shucks cause it looked really good too


jalna said...

I looove the second picture . . . so cute! When you said "salmon salad", I thought "Uuuuuu", when I saw the picture, I thought "Ewwwww". Hahahaha.

Les said...

I just told Randy last night that I liked that pic...about the salad, how disappointing, yah??