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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Buenos Aires Day...hmmm...7?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This was another, lazy, nothing planned, get to know the neighborhood kind of days...this is where we're staying..

I met this cuuuuuuuuuute stray dog on the street, he was running around looking for food. I fell in love with him and I want to take him home! We kept running into him and I had no food to give him :( Randy kept scolding me to stop petting him and not to give him food cause he'll probably follow us around and then we'll be stuck. But isn't he the cutest thing?!?!?!

We visited the Malba Museum, it was supposed to be free according to the guide book but they charged us 5 pesos to get in...hmmm not bad for 2 people, huh? They wouldn't let me take pictures inside.

Align Center
Some sights around town...

These dogs didn't like me very much...

This is Cafe Tortoni...I think it's the oldest cafe in Buenos Aires. It was pretty expensive.

This is the hostel where we stayed at when we first arrived...I forgot to take a picture of it when we were there


jalna said...

Wow Les, choke dogs. And that's a neat car. Never heard of it. I love nothing-to-do cruise days too!

Betty Townsend said...

I think I'd want to take that puppy home too. That one dog probably would have gone after you if it was tied up. Its interesting what you see wondering around in a neighborhood. What floor are you on in that apartment building?

Erick said...

Cute dog! Lots of dogs too, I presume dog is not on the menu there, good place to be a dog. What country down there has lots of quinea pigs?

Les said...

I'm on the second floor of the building, kinda noisy but tolerable...I sure hope dog isn't on the menu! I wouldn't know cause I can't read the darn menu!!