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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Kenya and The Giraffe Manor

So you remember the crazy place that we stayed the first night in Kenya?  Well here it is..Safi Budget Apartments.  Sorry, these are the only two pics I got.  I wasn't too excited to take pictures of the place.


Oh, and do you remember my hot water incident?  Well go figure...the next morning while I was washing my hands in the sink look what I found:

They just happened to forget to mention this when we checked in.  By the time I saw it I didn't have time to take another shower.  Randy got to take one though.

Our ride was promptly there at 7am to take us to Giraffe Manor.  This is Sammy, our driver.  Everyone here is so nice.

This is the entrance.  So cute yah!
The Giraffe Manor has been around since the 1930s but opened in 1984 as a quaint hotel where the guests could interact with the endagered Rothschild giraffes.  They greet you in the morning at breakfast and also during high tea.  The hotel is situated on 12 private acres within 140 acres of forest land in Nairobi.  There's a history with the film "Out of Africa" but I forget the story.  I gotta watch the movie one day...


The reason for this post is to show you all the special touches that this place has.  They thought of everything!





Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the food this morning








Tomorrow:  Lunch and High Tea!


Anonymous said...

Wow what an elegant place the manor was, so English looking. Your first hotel looked like the ones on the side streets of Waikiki. -N

Leslie's pics said...

It was super elegant, N. I wish I could stay there longer. The other hotel..ugh. Yah side streets indeed!

jalna said...

Sooooooo nice! And that girl! Totally looks like mini-you. I love her.

Leslie's pics said...

hahaha I was thinking, "what little girl?" I had to go back to the blog and see. I love her. I use her all the time for my work emails back to IT whenever people piss me off.

jalna said...

I think I gonna steal her and use her too . . . except she looks more like you than me.

Honolulu Aunty said...

The giraffe hotel looks like a movie! Funny about the hot water switch and the pouty little girl is perfect!

Anonymous said...

Good thing the Manor was after the first hotel? LOL. The Manor looks so stately and refined both inside and out and their attention to detail.


Leslie's pics said...

Aunty did you see Out of Africa? It won an academy award. According to imdb it won 7! They named one of the rooms after her at the manor. I guess she's important!
I can't believe I didn't notice that hot water switch earlier. I was texting jalna in the middle of the night because I was so frustrated. I must've looked like that little girl in the picture!!

Izsmom - I'm glad we went there first too, it was nice to relax after the nightmare we just went through. What's neat about the manor is one of their buildings (the one that Susie and Evam were staying in) was only built around 10 years ago. When I walked in it I couldn't tell the difference between our building and theirs. They did a fantastic job of making it look like the other two.