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Friday, April 7, 2017

Cell Phone Pics!

Can't forget about the trusty ol iPhone!  Got some pretty cool pics with it! None of these are post processed, I was too lazy

On our flight to Seattle we got to ride in one of the Moana planes!  It wasn't painted on the outside of the plane but the inside was really cute
I love the Emirates' flight attendant's uniforms
This was a sample meal.  I think it was lamb stew.  It was very tasty!
Look how lucky we were...14 hour flight too!
When it's nighttime...
We were flying over Iran or Iraq...I can't remember which one
I was surprised to see this when we were coming in for a landing into Dubai
Back to the Manor...
Robin with his breakfast buddy
This is my new walllpaper on my phone
Typical lunch at Sasaab
I wish I took more video with my phone.  But it's hard to decide whether to catch the shot on your DSLR or on video...but here's one that I forgot to post that I thought was really cool...


Anonymous said...

The Emirates flight looked like it was a unique experience. How nice you pretty much had the plane to yourselves. I can't get over the great shots you took of all the animals. The video of the lions was cool.


Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie,

I'm curious...are the fresh salads and water safe to eat and drink? Not like China, Mexico, etc.?
My daughter would have loved that giraffe manor. She's tall so her nickname is kirin, Japanese and Korean translation for giraffe.
Great travelog, very beautiful pictures, but not scary to be that close to the lions and rhinos and all??

Leslie's pics said...

Yes Izsmom, I think they are by far the best airlines that I've flew on. JAL is a close second. It was a bonus that the flight was empty, it would've been horrible sitting there for 14 hours if the flight was full. I love that video of the lions too! They just kept on coming!

V - I guess the fruits and vegetables were safe, I didn't get sick. Two others had a slight bout of diarrhea but we're not sure what caused it. They had us only drink the water that was bottled for us in the room, I think only because the tap water tasted funny. I would recommend to anyone who is an animal lover to visit the manor. It is quite far though, so unless you're going on a safari I'm not sure what else there is to do.

It was quite terrifying at first to be so close to the animals but after a little while it didn't even phase us. I guess if we don't bother them then they don't bother us :)

Honolulu Aunty said...

Hurray for iPhones! Not as great as your camera (that would be a sin, right?) but still, good to have, easy to shoot, no bulk.

Lucky about having your own rows on the plane! Fun being "with" you on your wonderful trip.

Leslie's pics said...

yes, my iPhone is a nice replacement when I don't want to lug around my other camera. So easy too! Thanks for "joining" me on my adventure!