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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Back to London...

Monday, April 30, 2012

**I'm stuck at the airport for a few more hours so I'm gonna catch up with my blogging...
stooopid flight is delayed for 5 hours!

We got in to London late last night, about midnight so I was too tired to blog anything.  We were hungry when we got in and only KFC and Burger King was open.  KFC had the shorter line, so KFC it was...

The next morning Randy woke up feeling like crap.  We had a bunch of stuff planned, especially since the weather was gorgeous.  Poor thing, he was stuck in bed all day, wishing he was dead.  I ended up going on an Olympic walking tour alone :(  It was very interesting, but junk when you got no one to talk to.  I'm anti-social so I just kept to myself the whole time. I'm excited for the olympics to start now!  I'm curious to see what the Olympic stadium looks like on the inside, we were only able to go to the viewing area.

If you ever go to London, you should take one of their London Walks.  They are excellent.  We've been on 3 previously and haven't been disappointed.  It's only £8 per person and they usually last between 2-3 hours

our meeting point
 Our guide Maria

For a free version of the prime meridian, you can come here.  It's kinda neat.  It says to stand on the month with your back towards the sun, and your shadow should say what time it was.  It kinda didn't work for us, It was April 30, so standing both on April and May showed was actually 3:00 at the time.  I shoulda taken a picture of it when someone was standing on it but i never.  So stupid yah?

 I thought this huge tower was for the olympic flame.  I was wrong,  This was made only for decoration, a tourist attraction for London.  If you go up to the top you can get a 360° view of the city

 I just wanted to show you the tv we had in our new place.  It irritated the crap out of me, especially since we spent so much time in the room!

 Let's hope Randy feels better's boring exploring by myself...

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