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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My whirlwind weekend in Los Angeles, day 1

Saturday, March 10, 2012
Los Angeles, CA

Judy, one of my girlfriends from high school was getting married and I was honored that she invited me to attend.  Since I was short on vacation hours (I'm going on a big one next month) I was only able to stay the weekend.  I took the red eye Friday night and got in bright and early Saturday morning.  My other classmate, Teresa graciously left the bachelorette party early so she could pick me up at the airport.

While the bridal party was sobering up and getting some zzzz's, Teresa and I took a power nap, grabbed some breakfast and took a walk around the neighborhood. There are some cute houses in Venice...
 I saw this and thought it was hilarious.  It was just sitting in the front lawn...
 Later on that afternoon we headed over to Hollywood to The Supper Club, where the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner was held
Our hotel room was a few blocks away from The Supper Club so we went to change before dinner.  This was the view from our room.  This was actually the first time I've seen the Hollywood sign!
 Me and the bride to be...we've been friends since the 7th grade
 Teresa and Judy have been friends since uhhh...age 6? something like that


jalna said...

Cool shots. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.

Les said...

Yawn! I didn't realize how much pictures I actually took...yikes. gonna take me awhile to finish it all for her!