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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Delhi - Day 9

October 2, 2019

We had another full day in Delhi before we leave for Varanasi tomorrow.  Subie met us once again to take us on a mini tour around  Delhi.  Since we went to all the main attractions we decided on visiting a pretty park in a very wealthy part of the city.  Subie mentioned that there are a lot of millionaires that live in Delhi and this is where they come to exercise and enjoy nature.





This park had a ton of dogs and I wanted to pet every one of them!


After the park we went to Swaminarayan Akshardham, a beautiful new temple (around 12 years old) In Delhi.  They are extremely strict, no photography, no bags, no food.  You either have to check them in at the gate or leave them in the car.  Good thing we had a driver so all of our stuff were safe with him.  It's too bad though, this place was gorgeous.  How am I gonna remember it without the pictures???

That evening we had booked a food tour with Delhi Food Walks.  We couldn't wait to eat some street food!  But first, we stopped by this CRAZY marketplace called Sarojini Nagar.  This place was jammed packed everywhere you turned.  When we told our food guide that we went he said "what? why on earth would you want to go there??" But I did get my Halloween costume there, all for a litte over ten bucks!  Everything was dirt cheap. I'll show that in another post

We met at Chandi Chowk, our tour was from 5-9:30 and I think we paid about $65 pp.  We had 9 stops of yummy goodness to look forward to.  So this is where I suck.  I can't remember the names of half the stuff we ate.  But they were all really good

This was a potato thingy in a tamarind sauce.  One of our favorites

This cookie thing was about 70 cents

It was super flaky and not too sweet.  Good start so far!

We ate Paranthas at Gaya Prasad


Each of us got a plate.  Good thing it was kinda too spicy for me, I didn't want to fill up so early!

I believe we got lemon, mixed vegi, and dried fruit.  They came with different chutneys we could try

Stop number 4 was samosas and jalebis

Did I ever tell you I hate shooting with my flash? ugh.

I forget what the filling was

A jalebi is kinda like a funnel cake.  It was delicious!

We then stopped by a marigold factory where they make all of their garlands.  I was shocked to see all the flowers!




We stopped for some Masala Chai, my new favorite tea! I wish I took video of this guy.  It's a whole production!


These kabobs are supposedly really popular.  Too spicy! ack!

I think they were lamb


We cleansed our palate with some rabri.  This is an Indian sweet made from thickened sweetened milk

It was about 56 cents American

This butter chicken was by far my favorite stop of the night.  Although the spices they put on the chicken were too spicy for me (big surprise there), the buttery cream sauce was DELICIOUS.  And eating with their "bread" (sorry, I can't remember what this one was called) was insane.




Our last stop was for some kulfi.  This is an Indian type ice cream with the texture of sorbet.  It's made with evaporated and regular milk.  They are usually served as popsicles but they cut it up for us

The first one (and the best) was pomegranite

I didn't like any of the rest.  This is mango

Khata meeta falsa (don't ask, I have no idea)

and masala

If you ever get a chance to come to Delhi, I would highly recommend one of these tours.  There's no way we would've found any of these places!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You did a lot in one day. The park looked so clean and green. You guys are so brave to eat street food. LOL


Anonymous said...

ahaha kudos to the Kubas for trying all that street food!
And even more ahaha for your suggestion that we book the foodie tour.
But thanks for the tour, I wouldn't ever be able to see India otherwise. What a contrast to Japan!

Anonymous said...

Did you ever get a tummy ache from all that food? hope it was all sanitarily prepared! -N

Leslie's pics said...

I love street food Izsmom!

V - I'm jonesing to go back to japan too, maybe February! Can't beat the food there :)

N - nope! I got lucky!

jalna said...

Like N, I was wondering about tummy ache too. But all the food look so awesome! Great photos.

Honolulu Aunty said...

You are a brave traveller. When I used to travel it was just for the shopping shopping shopping. No sight seeing, not much venturing into street food or fancy food. Glad that you have a blog that I can lazily enjoy your trips!

Leslie's pics said...

hahah Jalna I think i must have plenty bacteria in my body cause I never get sick :-)

Aunty - I kinda like shopping trips better. I'm tired of going to shrine after shrine, temple after seen one you seen them all!