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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rangers vs. Angels

Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2012
Arlington, TX

Ok, so this was the highlight of our trip -- heading to Arlington to watch a ballgame.  The Rangers were playing the Angels, apparently it was supposed to be an exciting series (yah, I don't pay attention to anyone else but the Red Sox).  But we all love baseball right?  Any game is a good game!  After a long day of class we braved the traffic (about an hour) and the horrible weather (UGH!) and headed to Arlington to cheer on the Rangers.

When we pulled up to the ballpark, I checked the weather report on my phone.  This is what it said:
hot1 copy

I didn't want to get out of my comfortable air conditioned car.  But alas, when we got to the entrance, this is what they said:

A little better, but not much.  I was actually quite miserable.  But hey, we drove all this way, gotta make the best of it right?  We put on a happy face and headed into right field...

It's actually a really nice ballpark!


No, we didn't eat this.  This is the Boomstick.










Melissa and I lasted about 2 innings.  It was so bloody hot I thought one of us was gonna pass out before the 7th inning stretch.  We found an ice cream shop (air conditioned) in the stadium and went to cool off.  Of course, just my luck, it was an exciting game.  When we left it was about the 6th inning and I think the Rangers were losing by 4.  When we got back to the hotel we found out that they went 10 innings and came back from behind and won the game :|  Go figure.

This was the temperature when we left:

yah, not much difference.  We were literally drenched with sweat.  Not too sexy eh?  Yah.  We could literally feel the sweat dripping down the back of our legs when we were sitting in our seats.  It was pretty gross.  Back to the hotel we went for a nice cold shower.  Next time I come to Texas (if there is a next time) it's gonna be in the winter.


jalna said...

Good shooting! The stadium looked packed. Is it always that hot in the summer there?

Les said...

Maaaajor cropping. We were too far to get anything worthwhile. Hot? I think so. I'm not coming back anytime soon to find out though!

Kalin's Mommy said...

They should have built an air conditioned stadium! :)

Les said...

OHMYGAWWWWWD I KNOW!! I feel sorry for the players. Can you imagine having to play a day game?!?!

Erick said...

Boy, that is really hot. The broomstick is huge and expensive too. Great shots of the game!

Les said...

I was MISERABLE! And whodahell would spend that much for a hotdog? Nuts I tell yah! I wish I could've stayed longer. I'm too much of a wimp.