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Friday, August 4, 2017

Jalna is now a vegan!

Did you know that Jalna is attempting to become a vegan?  Go check out her blog to see her progress...I must say, she's very lucky because her son, who is trained to be a chef, is serious about changing their lifestyle.  His food is good!  There's no way I'd be able to handle if I had to do all this on my own.

I thought I'd help her out and look for a vegan snack for her to reward her for her suffering (actually she's not suffering too much I think, she wasn't a big meat eater to begin with). I found a recipe for chocolate chip cookies and it looked pretty good.  Bonus that I already had all of the ingredients in my kitchen.  We were already scheduled to go to brunch with Michele, her cousin V,  and fellow blogger Kat so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try out this recipe. I found it on pinterest but you can get the recipe here 

Another bonus, very little ingredients!  

I got permission from Jalna to use regular chocolate chips and not vegan since they were semi-sweet and not milk chocolate...

I prepared the dough last night so I could freshly bake them this morning before brunch.  It didn't make too much, a little over 2 dozen.  I think I'll double the recipe next time.


Success!  They came out pretty good, and not as coconutty as I expected.  I thought I wasn't gonna like it but I do!  

I finally got to use my sealer that Jalna bought me for an early Christmas/birthday gift...uh yah.  My birthday is in February. hahaha!!


jalna said...

Soooooo ono!!! I told Landon that we SCORED 'cause you gave a bag for him too!! The recipe looks pretty easy. Not sure if I'll make it though . . . I would end up eating too much of it. But it's such a great reward . . . THANK YOU!!!

Dd said...

ummmm...... that plate looks hilarious !!!

Leslie's pics said...

Jalna - I was soooooo worried when I decided to give some to Landon...PHEW!! He liked it! Yaaaay!! Still searching for some more recipes but either I don't know what the ingredients are or they look gross. haha

Dd - I have a set of these from Crate and Barrel, all different designs and I always post my food pics on Instagram with um. So glad someone finally noticed! :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks delicious!


Leslie's pics said...

Thanks Izsmom! It was surprisingly tasty considering there was no butter or eggs in them.

K and S said...

Thank you they were delicious! Kat

Leslie's pics said...

You're so welcome Kat! Glad you enjoyed them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
It was great finally meeting you on Friday. I really liked the cookies too! I thought, how good could these "fake" cookies be, but they were! I ate all of them in one sitting.:(

Hah, my computer at home went kaput this weekend....I think the part that runs the monitor broke because I can't get a feed. I tried a new cable and switching with another monitor and it still had a problem so I guess I'll be dropping it off at Cowabunga.

Leslie's pics said...

Nice meeting you too V!! Finally can put a face with the name. Glad you enjoyed the cookies. I made another batch this weekend to give out to my friends at the gym.

Funny you should mention Cowabunga, I finally was able to see Yas yesterday :)