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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friends Of Kailua High School Dinner & Auction Fundraiser

Luana Hills Country Club
Friday, March 12, 2010

The 1st Annual Friends of Kailua High School Dinner and Auction Fundraiser was held at Luana Hills Country Club and my classmate Garret Kamei asked me if I could photograph the event. Of course I dragged Jalna with me so check out her blog later for her photos too! This was actually sort of a reunion for me, I ran into people I haven't seen in ages!

Food was catered by Chef Jay Matsukawa (c/o '94) of The Willows Restaurant
Kimi Kamiyama (c/o '94) working hard...
Ms. Williams, Mrs. Oato, ummm, Mrs. Oato's sister (ha! ha! oops, forgot to get her name!), and Mrs. Sakagawa
My two soccer coaches, BJ Clark and Glenn Murakami...holy crap Glenn! Where did all that white hair come from?!?!
Wendy Matsuzaki and Principal Francine Honda
BJ and Kumu Hauoli Akaka
BJ, Steph Manley, and Jill Laboy (c/o '82)
Garret Kamei (c/o '91), Aunty Anne Higashi, and Blaine Okamura (c/o '91)
Mark Murakami (c/o '87?), and Eric Papayoanou (c/o '89)
Guy Yamasaki, Beverly (c/o '91) and Stanton Tamaye (c/o '90), Lari Ann Yamasaki (c/o '91), Ryan and Tammy Takata (c/o '91)
Cory Ishigo (c/o '90), Roland Fuke (c/o '91), Wendy Ishigo (c/o '89), and Rieko Fuke
Emcee Crystal Akana (c/o '01) from Island 98.5
Mr. and Mrs. Murakami
Mr. and Mrs. Leandro
Kimi and Glenn
Garret and Ed Kemper, President of The Friends of Kailua High School
The three Kamei boys: Garret (c/o '91), Gregg (c/o '86?) and John (c/o '88)
The Kamei Family
Garret, Stacy, Avery and Kestan Kamei
Brett Matsukawa (c/o '90), Eric and Jay
Aunty Anne, Reid (class of '95??), and Hailey Higashi
Logan Higashi


jalna said...

Great job Les!! Thanks for "dragging" me along. I had a blast.

Les said...

Thanks Jalna! Don't worry, I'll be dragging you a long to a lot more!! :D

Betty Townsend said...

Great pictures.

Les said...

thanks betty!