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Sunday, October 4, 2009

NYC Day 2

October 4, 2009
Doughnut Plant
Pizza Bus Tour

Busy day today...Randy and I got up early (5:30!!) to go and fetch the best doughnuts in the world...DOUGHNUT PLANT. If you haven't been here, you should really give it a try. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Krispy Kreme fan, and this kick Krispy Kreme's booty!! Gotta get there early, once they run out, they close their doors.

This is the extremely tiny elevator in our apartment:
Align CenterWaiting for the 6 train...
Transfer to..
Get off at Delancey, walk a few blocks and you end up here:
As you can see it's a tiny little place, and if it's busy it's sooooo worth waiting for! Luckily for us it was early enough today where there was no line.Success!
Chocolate blackout...MY FAVORITE!!!
tres leche
Strawberry and blackberry filled, with a Valrhona Chocolate on the left
Later on that morning we had reservations for Scott's Pizza Bus Tour. Here's Jodie and Josh (and me!) squeezing into the tiny elevator:
Outside our apartment on 30th Street
Here's Randy all habuts because I put us on the wrong train...
First stop: Lombardi's Pizzeria in Little Italy
This pizza is made with a brick oven, fueled by coal. It is said that the temperature is 900+ degrees in there and your pizza is literally done in 2 1/2 minutes!!
This was actually my favorite one of the day
You can tell that this is cooked by a coal oven because of the dark speckles on the bottom of the crust!
This was a neat catepillar thingy crawling around while our guide was talking
Second Stop: Patsy's Pizzeria in Harlem
This one was good also, could've been better if it wasn't burnt!! >:(
Johnathan liked it!
Super fine pizza flour, 00 grade, the lower the number, the finer the grade
This is also made by a coal brick oven...this is Scott by the way!
Stop number three: Patricia's Pizza and Pasta in the Bronx
We got to sample two slices here, one was wood brick oven and the other one was baked by a gas deck oven
This one was the gas deck oven
And this one was the wood brick oven
Stop number four: Louie & Ernie's Pizza in the Bronx
I would've liked this one too except my piece was burnt again!!! >:( Why do I keep picking the burnt pieces???
Johnathan and his new friend Scott...
Randy and Josh had tickets to the Blink 182 concert tonight at Madison Square Garden
Ok, this is the one and ONLY time I'll ever put a Yankee on my blog. I hate the Yankees and they have no business being on my site. Except for Derek Jeter...he's the only one I respect and it doesn't hurt that he's so darn good lookin!
Sanrio Luxe in Times Square
Some kind of low rider car convoy


Jenny said...

Wowee Les! Sounds like fun. Bring home some donuts and pizza for me! The pizza looks like what we ate in Italy.


jalna said...

Sooooo neat that pizza tour!! And they ALL look ono. AND the doughnuts . . . sorry Les, they look good, but no way can any doughnut kick Krispy Kreme's butt. You're just gonna have to convince me by hand carrying some of that action home.

Les said...

Hey funny you should say that. Since we leave so early in the morning on Sunday, we're not able to pick some up to bring home. Sooo, Randy is experimenting right now with Ziploc bags to see if the donuts still tastes semi-fresh after a couple of days! If it works you'll be getting a sample! :)

Les said...

OMG Jenny it was soooo good! But I'm kinda pizza'd out for awhile. I probably won't have another slice for a day or two...hahahaaaa! Can't help it, I love NY pizza!

Betty Townsend said...

Hey, Les. Those donuts look yummy especially the jelly filled ones. We had Krispy Kreme in Sacramento, they closed up their shops as fast as they opened them.

Looks like you are having tons of fun, pizza tour!! yum!!

jalna said...

Oh my God Les, that's so humbug. That would irritate me to death trying to keep doughnuts intact on the long trip home.

BTW, the new 100mm IS macro is out. Too bad B & H is closed or I'd ask you to bring me that instead.

Ruth said...

Ooh...i love NY pizza! And that doughnut place looks awesome. I'm gonna try to check that place out. :)

Les said...

Hey Betty, I got lots of exercising to do when I get home!!

Les said...

OMG Ruth, it's sooooo worth it!! You should try Lombardi's pizza in the village too, so yummy and you don't have to wait very long to eat it!!

Les said...

Jalna...we'll see about the donuts, if the experiment doesn't work then we won't even bother bringing them home.

Willoughby's is about a block away from where we're staying and I was trying to see if they'll give me a discount on the 5D...failure!! He thinks that Canon won't even put on their rebate list since they can't even keep it in stock!! :(

Erick said...

Those pizzas look so ono. I always wanted to try a pizza cooked in a wood burning oven. I so, so, so Jellos! Please bring a slice back. Thanks! Nice shots.

Les said...

Oh my gawwwwwd Erick, it's sooo good! I like NY style pizza the best so I'm kinda biased but you gotta come and try it out if you can!!