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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Welcome baby Hudson!

Honolulu, HI

Baby Hudson was born on July 2, 2013 after many, many (23?) hours of labor.  I forget the actual number.  Mommy Lauren and Daddy Mark are ecstastic!  I must say, this has to have been the easiest photo shoot yet.  Not one peep out of this guy, even after all the crazy positions we tried to get him into!  He's one cutey patootey!!







I loooove this picture!!  Teddy did sooo well!!




jalna said...

OMGAAAAWWWWDDDD!! Sooooooo cute!! You did an awesome job Les!

Les said...

Thanks Jalna!! Still need more props... :(

Honolulu Aunty said...

Wow! Why does your profile say that you will be a photographer in your next life?!? You ARE a great photographer - NOW!

These baby pictures are fantastic!!! The family will treasure these forever. Wish I knew you when I had my kids - but then, you probably weren't even born yet.

You have great talent. Glad I found you from another great photographer, Jalna. Very nice community of photo friends. Mahalo for sharing,


Kalin's Mommy said...

Oh he is so cute and nice pics! I love the Teddy one too!

Les said...

I know! He's adorable!!

Erick said...

Super baby shots! I really like the blue and green against the black background. Love the mustache too, cute.

Les said...

Thanks Honolulu Aunty! Sorry, I never noticed this're too kind!

Hahaha Erick, isn't that mustache the cutest??