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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Makapu'u tidepools

Friday, August 20, 2010

Since we had a half-day holiday at Y&M CQ rounded up a bunch of us and we went hiking up (and down!) the Makapu'u trail. It was a gorgeous but HOT day, thank god I loaded myself up with sunscreen, I think I would've been burnt to a crisp!

Here we go!
The hike never even start yet and the two baboozes are already sidetracked!!
Ok, that's much we go! again!
This is where we made the trek down to the tidepools. Here's Jalna surveying the area...
YOU GUYS ARE GOING DOWN THERE?!?!? (I guess that means she's not coming with us...)
Jalna and CQ's "sexy" pose
Since she didn't want to hike down, she decided to sit there and enjoy the view
and then meditate while looking constipated.
Since Jalna and Susie decided not to join us, they hiked all the way up to the lighthouse. You can see the beautiful views here...
Let's get this party started!
This is our new co-worker Allison
Our fearless leader CQ looking for the safest routes for us
Hi Runa!
We're almost there! I think!
Wooo hooo! We finally made it!
The tidepools were beautiful down there
Deborah, CQ and Alison took a dip in one of them, the water looked very tempting!
As the tide started to rise we decided it was time for us to head back up...waaaay up there....


jalna said...

The tidepool water looks sooooo beautiful up close, but HO DA FRICKIN' STEEP DA CLIFF. Scary looking. Funny your commentary.

Allison Baseman said...

Do you have a picture of me in the tide pool?

Les said...

Jalna - oh my freakin steep. I'm soo glad you never came with us, you would've hated me after that!

Allison - yah, you guys are tiny though, I can send it to you.

Betty Townsend said...

Great pictures, Les. Seeing that blue, blue ocean makes me so homesick. You all were so brave going down to the water. And then there's funny!! :)

Les said...

Thanks Betty! Yah, it's always fun with Jalna around, she cracks me up!

Erick said...

Great shots! I love how your water is so saturated, even the pond photos. Great job.