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Friday, July 16, 2010

Joanne's Pregnancy Pics

Sunday, July 13, 2010
uhhh, somewhere near Makapuu, across from Sea Life Park

This is Joanne. She's my hairdresser and she's pregnant. SHE'S DUE IN A COUPLE OF DAYS. Does this look like a full term pregnancy to you? Makes me so jealous. I know if I were to ever get pregnant I would look like an elephant. I practically had to tell her to shove out her stomach with every pic. Anyways, we wanted to get in some pregnancy pictures before she gave birth and I thought this would be the perfect spot, plus I've never shot here before. I love it here. Can't wait to go back....

This is her husband Greg. He didn't wanna be in the pictures so I had to talk him into it :)
Thanks Joanne! I had fun! Hope you'll let me get some newborn pics after baby is born...which will probably be like...TOMORROW! hahaha!


Betty Townsend said...

Wow!! Les...these are awesome!! I've always loved that particular section of the island. Joanne looks awesome for being so close to delivery. I'm curious to know how big her baby will be. :)

jalna said...

Niiiiice Les. Glad your computer is still holding up.

Les said...

Thanks Betty...I don't know why we never thought about going there before! It's a perfect spot! I'm curious about the size of the baby too, I told her that he's gonna be 5 lbs!

Jalna - I'm cringing everytime I open up a new program! :|

Erick said...

Very nice. Great preggie shots, you always go families well. Great job!

Les said...

Thanks Erick! You should try shoot over there! It's a great spot!