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Monday, September 4, 2017


August 23, 2017

We didn't have much planned for Portland except for those two excursions that we went on.  We knew what we wanted to eat but that's about it.  Sorry, this whole post is with iPhone pictures cause I was too lazy to lug around my camera.

A few blocks away from our house was Blue Star Donuts.  It's a popular donut joint and I was excited to try it out.  We ordered four...lemon poppy, creme brulee, dark chocolate with cream filling, and an almond/chocolate I think.  IT WAS ALMOST $15 FOR FOUR DONUTS!!  Holy cow.


So not worth it.  I was really disappointed.  The only one I really liked was the lemon one, although it was quite sweet.  Doughnut Plant in NYC is still my favorite.

When we went back to the house to eat our donuts, we were greeted by Luther, the owner's dog.  He was adorable.  I coulda played with him all day.  Randy made me leave him alone and go into the house. hehe

After we cleaned up and took a short nap we headed out for the city.  We stopped by Powell's Books, wow!  That place was huge!  I'm surprised a stand alone bookstore can stay in business with Amazon around.  I also bought some goodies from Penzey's spices, I love that place.  And I couldn't leave Portland without trying Salt and Straw!!  They are a popular ice cream shop that makes ice cream out of interesting ingredients.  This was green fennel and maple.  It was delicious.  So not what I expected.

It was still early and we had no idea what to do.  We decided on the rose was free!  Score! Very pretty, I think this place is a hundred years old or something!



Our rental was in Hawthorne District and was walking distance to a lot of stores and restaurants.  Right down the street was a Mexican restaurant that always had a long line out the door.  The booklet that Stephanie (the rental owner) made said that it's one of the best Mexican restaurants in Portland.  We didn't think anything of that because everyone says that their restaurant is the best.  But since it was walking distance we gave it a try.  This was in one of the neighbor's yard along the way

This was the line when we got there


When you finally get in the door (we waited about half an hour), you order at the counter then you find a seat.  But a girl comes around to take your drink order while you're waiting in line!  We both got yummy margaritas

We started off with chips and salsa.  Although it wasn't free, it was really good.  The chips were warm and fresh and the salsa was perfect.  Not too spicy so I could eat it.

I ordered carnitas tacos and a side order of rice.  Yah they gave me beans by mistake.


I started with the rice.  I always taste the rice first because a lot of places that I eat at the rice is crap.  This one was DELICIOUS.  My tacos were really good too, I could've done with a teeny bit less meat but otherwise it was yummy.  Randy ordered chile relleno and his was really good too.  

I think we liked it.


I wish we were staying a little longer, we woulda went back for more!  We were stuffed.  It was good that we walked over there, we could get a little exercise after our big meal...even though it was only a five minute walk :)


Anonymous said...

Too bad the donuts were not that good. They looked scrumptious. Glad the Mexican food was good. It too looked very appetizing.
It has been years since I last went to Portland, must visit soon. Thanks for sharing your trip.


jalna said...

Ho, the food looks yummy!! Glad you waited in line.

Leslie's pics said...

Izsmom - i gotta go on a major diet if I ever go back to Portland!! There's so much good food there, I'd come back humongous!

Jalna you would've loved the food!

Honolulu Aunty said...

I love Mexican food! I wish I could eat there but I like to stay at home instead of traveling. Thanks for sharing!

Leslie's pics said...

But Aunty I can't find any good Mexican food here!!! :(

Honolulu Aunty said...

Definitely my standards are not your standards but I do like Azteca in Kaimuki. Not at all fancy, but their salsa is good and the verde cheese enchilada is my favorite.

I heard from some Mexican workers that Alejandro (sp?) in Kalihi Valley is good.

And there is a plate lunch truck (?) maybe not a truck called Thedas or something like that in Kakaako.

Leslie's pics said...

I forgot about Alejandros...we've been there once and I liked it. I don't know why we never went back. I think we had to park kind of far when we went and it was raining so we got wet. I tried Aztecas awhile back and didn't care for it, maybe I gotta give it another try. Taco truck?? Maybe I gotta go hunt for that one!! Street tacos are my favorite! But I think you must know that by now already :)

Kalin's Mommy said...

Len would be drooling, LOL!

Leslie's pics said...

ohmygawwwwd Michele, if you ever go to Portland you should got try this place...i wanna go back already for seconds!