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Friday, September 8, 2017

On a happier note...The Sakamotos!!

I've known Jenny from hanabata days....we first met it Mrs. Han and Mr. Sasaki's (I think that was their names!! hahahaha!) 3rd grade class at Enchanted Lakes Elementary in Kailua.  She's one of the only people I keep in touch with from high school.  I guess because we're both anti social and we no like talk or see anybody.

The last time I took pictures of them were hmmm...look at the left of my blog.  The top pic.  I have no idea how old Emi was at that time.  Maybe 5? 6?  Or look alllll the way down, I think she was two or three back then.  So yah, it was time for an updated picture

Oh my gawwwd.  Paul makes the funniest faces.  I was cracking up the whole time...I don't even think he realizes he's doing it sometimes too
This was a testing-my-lighting shot but I like the way it came out

And then there's i'm trying to pose them sitting down when I see a bright spot on her leg.  I took a second glance and yelled "what the hell?? Is that a puka?!?!?"  I busted out laughing and Jenny scolded her that she was supposed to throw those out a long time ago.  Never a dull moment with this family!


jalna said...

LOL, fun shoot!

Kalin's Mommy said...

Nice pics, where was this?

Leslie's pics said...

hahaha it was Jalna!

Thanks Michele, it was at East West Center

Anonymous said...

Nice pics! I have a friend like that from "small kid time" actually Japanese school 3rd grade...she went to a different elementary school but we ended up going to the same intermediate and high school and still keep in touch...cause we antisocial too and still have not been to any high school reunions yet and this year will be our 40th...! LOL.


Leslie's pics said...

Us too Izsmom! We never went to any of our reunions either 😀

Kyoko said...

Love the pics!

Leslie's pics said...

Thank you Kyoko!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Great photo shoot! You caught their personalities and wonderfulness in the pics.

Leslie's pics said...

Thanks Aunty! Yah so easy when they're easy going like that :)

jalna said...

Wait. 3rd grade?!

Leslie's pics said...

haha yes! There's also one more guy that I semi-keep in touch with that I've been with since kindergarden :)