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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Baby Boston

Meet Boston!  He was born last week Thursday to my co-worker Dara and her husband Nainoa.  Oh boy this was a hard shoot, he just did not like me!! It's a good thing mommy and daddy were patient, it took me two days for this one...





Dara was nesting a few months ago and crocheted me this hat!


Daddy played football for St. Louis..



Kalin's Mommy said...

So cute!

Leslie's pics said...

He is Michele...too bad he hates me!

jalna said...

Mich stole my words!

Leslie's pics said...

thanks so much for your help AGAIN...sheesh. I think i'm losing it. Plus the kids are hating me these days!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Wow! Reminds me of those babies in flowers but I like the special touches that you had much better because they mean so much to the parents.

Next time you meet a new baby, try go with red lipstick and smile at them. Or maybe pink lipstick. I dunno. Who knows what they see in our faces?

Leslie's pics said...

awww thanks Honolulu Aunty! Hey those are some good ideas, maybe they will many days before they can see? I don't have kids so I have no idea. I try and get them as soon as possible, 1 week old has been the average. They're usually pretty cooperative but we found out right after that he wasn't eating much so that's why he was so fussy! I heard he sleeps really good now :)

Honolulu Aunty said...

They can see but in the very beginning, mostly they see shapes and dark and light. You have a beautiful face with dark big eyes and dark hair so maybe having darker lips will balance what they see instead of only big eyes.

Plus too, I like lipstick. I never leave home without it, lol.

Leslie's pics said...

Very interesting! I hardly ever wear lipstick unless I have to get dolled up for something :) I never woulda thought about putting on makeup for a baby!