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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Photo Booth!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

I wanted a photo booth at our party so we hired Pop Shots Hawaii to take care of us.  Keith Osaki is a former co-worker of mines and he does this as a side business.  My family loved him and his cousin!  We had a great time and got some great photos out of this.  Here are some of my favorites...sorry they're so small, I couldn't figure out how to make them bigger :(

101403-leslies parents anniversary
101411-leslies parents anniversary
101495-leslies parents anniversary
101511-leslies parents anniversary
Sorry about the nudity...hahaha!
101555-leslies parents anniversary
101563-leslies parents anniversary
101567-leslies parents anniversary
101571-leslies parents anniversary
101575-leslies parents anniversary
101579-leslies parents anniversary
101583-leslies parents anniversary
101595-leslies parents anniversary
101667-leslies parents anniversary
Mama and Papa Kuba!
101671-leslies parents anniversary
101715-leslies parents anniversary
101763-leslies parents anniversary
Ok, so this is the winner of the evening...the order of the pictures go from bottom left to right, and the last picture is the big one on top. Our crazy Uncle Fred sat down for his picture then walked out.  Next, you see my cousin Kathy and her husband Tim situating themselves for their segment.  Ok they're sort of ready on the third picture and by the fourth it's perfect.  Only now they're wondering what the heck is going on because they're expecting 4 shots.  We see the print pop out and we all start cracking up.  Uncle Fred had no idea how this whole photo booth thing worked and we got the pictures to prove it!
101767-leslies parents anniversary
101787-leslies parents anniversary
It looks like mom and dad were pretty clueless themselves...
101791-leslies parents anniversary
Second sister Sandy tried to photo bomb Greg and Nikki's photos, except when she leaned back against the wall (THAT WASN'T THERE!!) she tumbled out the back, legs up in the air and all! It was HILARIOUS.  Hence, Greg's face in the first frame...
101795-leslies parents anniversary
Jalna took a break and came in with me and Kathy
101799-leslies parents anniversary
101803-leslies parents anniversary
101811-leslies parents anniversary
101815-leslies parents anniversary
101819-leslies parents anniversary


jalna said...


Les said...

hahaha so funny yah!

jalna said...

Especially the naked man!

Les said...

dirty old man!

Kalin's Mommy said...

The naked man was shocking, LOL. I hate those booths, we are never looking where the camera is and by the time we figure it out it's too late. haha

Erick said...

This is so super COOL! Love the props and shots.

Les said...

Michele - he wasn't even drunk yet! hahaha!

Erick - Yah it was a lot of fun!