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Friday, April 27, 2012

Edinburgh Day 1...

Friday, April 27, 2012

It was a beautiful day in Edinburgh today!  We finally got some sun!! It was well worth the wait, it made all that rain worthwhile.  We took a walk around the city in the morning and took a short walking tour in the afternoon.  This city is gorgeous...

Randy woke up early this morning and went on a power walk without me. I was too lazy to get my cold butt out of bed.  I'm sooo bummed I didn't go.  I hope the weather keeps up again tomorrow cause I'm definitely going! He went to hike up an area called the Crags.  He said he saw rabbits and turkeys, and no one else was out there

I didn't realize it but when booking the room, it also came with a breakfast personally cooked by Paul.  This is the dining area that they open up in the morning time for their guests

Today's menu...Randy and I both ordered the homemade yogurt with granola and plum composte (all of it homemade!!!), and Eggs Benedict Royal, which was an eggs benedict with lox instead of ham.  Yum!

Meet Molly, the dog of the house
 We didn't go into the castle today...I noticed that my battery was practically dead.  We had to walk back to the room to get me a new battery :(
When we were walking back to the room I noticed this building with a cow butt sticking out of it.  I have no idea what kind of business it was but it was cute!

  We stopped by a pub for a quick bite before the tour

 This is Frank our tour guide


jalna said...

Wow!! What a cool place. So beautiful!! Looks like my kind of weather too.

Les said...

Sooo nice! But cold! It may not look like it but I had 3 long sleeve shirts on! It was sunny but when the wind blew or you were in the shade the temperature dropped into the 30s

Betty Townsend said...

Beautiful pictures

Les said...

thanks Betty!