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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Berlin Walking Tour

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Whenever we go to a new city Randy and I try to take a walking tour.  It's a good way to get some exercise and we're too lazy to learn about the history of these places on our own.  Today was no exception.  We met up with Original Berlin Walks for a four hour tour.  It's so worth it.  It was only €9 cause we bought a Berlin welcome pass.  The only problem was was that over the four hours of information, I remember squat.  By the end of the day I was so exhausted I had to take a 2 hour nap.  Don't test me on any of these places cause I'm gonna have to go back and read about it again to freshen my memory...

Outside Alexanderplatz, with all the subway trains i've took over the years I thought I was a pro at this.  Berlin's system is confusing!
 It was about 8:40 pm Hawaii time when I took this picture
 Hackescher Markt Station, meeting place for our walking tour
 We arrived about an hour early (9:30 am) and guess what Randall's doing...
 Ok, this dude in the funky clothes was there waiting for us.  I'm so glad he wasn't our guide, I wouldn't be able to take him seriously!  Those are blue suede boots he's wearing by the way!
 Museum Island
 This is our guide Ashleigh.  She is amazing.  She's from the UK but her knowledge about Berlin is incredible!
 Berliner Dom
 Humbolt University
 Brandenburg Gate
 This is the hotel where Michael Jackson hung his baby out the window!
 The Berlin Wall (or what's left of it!)
The holocaust memorial
 This is called a beer bike. There's seats for about 10 people who pedal around the city drinking beer!  It's hilarious!
 Checkpoint Charlie
 Does anyone know what a currywurst is?  Randy's been dying to try one.  We tried to get one this morning but the place was closed.  There's actually a currywurst museum.  That's what this truck is for
 Those are rain clouds only lasted for about 10 minutes though
 After the tour we were pretty hungry and we heard Ashleigh recommend this place to another couple
 Randy wanted to eat sausage so he chose from this menu

I'm such an idiot.  I took a picture of the menu with my camera and then later on realized that Randy ordered from the other side of the menu so I took a picture of it with his camera.  I ended up taking the same picture! Ugh! Anyways, I wanted to eat something authentic so I ordered Pork Knuckles! I had no idea what to expect, but Randy said he read somewhere that it was supposed to be good.

Ohmygawwd it was amazing. I think he ended up eating more of it than I did1
 Randy got the fried sausages with mashed potatoes.  His was good too, but not as good as mines :-)
 He was actually excited to take pictures at this meal.  That's a first!
 We did pretty good!
 After linner (it was only 4:30 by the way) we went back to the wall to check out Topography of Terror
 Holy cow, for those of you who know my high school soccer coach BJ, don't you think this looks like her??
 WTH? They made the elementary school children learn a prayer for Hitler

 I'm exhausted and I'm going back to bed.  Don't know what's in store for tomorrow...I'll keep you posted!


jalna said...

Whoa! Awesome day. Made me exhausted too.

Les said...

I know! my legs are tired :(

Kalin's Mommy said...

Oh man, those knuckles looked really good! I am licking my lips!

Les said...

hahaha, did you even know that pork had knuckles?!?

Betty Townsend said...

Awesome pictures!!

Les said...

danke Betty! haha

Erick said...

Wow, so incredible. The memorial is so impressive. Food looks ono too. Great shots, feel like I am there.

Les said...

Thanks Erick, it's a beautiful place!