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Saturday, April 24, 2010

We're in San Diego!

Saturday, April 25, 2010
San Diego

This morning we flew into San Diego to visit my two sisters, Pam and Sandy. We're staying here only for the weekend so we can't waste any time!

Jacob and Nikki at Aunty Sandy's house
We spent the afternoon in La's Aunty Sandy and Nikki
The Campbell Family: Nikki, Greg, Jacob and Pam
3's missing, she's stuck at home in Kaneohe
Three boys checking out the surf
Somehow they got a hold of some pens when they got bored in the car!
We had dinner at the Campbells and since they have a jacuzzi and a pool everyone (well, except me and Sandy) decided to jump in the pool


Betty Townsend said...

You are in my favorite California city, San Diego!! Yay!! Beautiful beach shots of you and Randy and your sisters!! Cute kids too!!

Les said...

Betty - It's beautiful here, the weather has been perfect, lucky too, because before we got here they said they had hail and lots of rain! Hanging out with kids have been a blast :)

Betty Townsend said...

Well, bad weather is headed our way here in Northern California. Yuck! We're tired of it! The weekend has been gorgeous. 80 degree temps. So glad you've had super weather there. :)

Les said...

Awww man! Rain? I was getting spoiled with the beautiful weather!