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Thursday, March 30, 2017

We're Off To Solio!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

After our field trip to the preschool we headed off to Sasaab airport to catch our charter flight to Solio.

I'm not joking.  This is the airport that we went to...I guess we don't have to worry about bringing water bottles or taking off our shoes for inspection!
As you can see, Robin doesn't follow directions very well.  He's sitting on the arrivals side :)
It was bizarre seeing William play on a cellphone.  Where the heck do they get it from anyways?  We were way out in the boonies!
When our plane arrive we said our goodbyes...this is the guide and spotter that Susie and Evam had.  I forget their names.  I think one was Sammy.
We landed on another crazy ass airstrip.  Only this time it was grass...
The lodge was only about 15 mins away and the rhino wasted no time to welcome us in
We were then escorted to our rooms and holy hell...this place was HA-UGE.  And beautiful!! I think it was almost as big as our house!
Yes, that is a fireplace.  They light it for us at night before we go to gets quite chilly at Solio!
Look at this bathroom!!
Notice the bucket?  They are very good about water conservation.  It takes a little while for the water to warm up when you take a shower.  They ask that you use the bucket to catch the cold water and they will use it to water plants, etc.  They did the same at Sasaab.

I wish I could've hung out at the lodge a little bit longer, it was so comfy in there.  But we had animals to see!


jalna said...

😂 the airport!! 😳 the rhinos!! 😍 the room!!

Leslie's pics said...

I know! I know! and I know!! That airport was hilarious. When we pulled up I was thinking..."uuuuhhhh....." But that room! It was gorgeous and I swear was almost as big as our house. I wish I could enjoy it more. We weren't in it that long :(

Anonymous said...

The airport looks like right out of Indiana Jones . Love the rhinos right there greeting you and your room looks fabulous! But I have a question, are those glass windows or is it open air? I would worry about bugs and creatures in the night. LOL. You're all so brave.


Leslie's pics said...

Haha so funny you should ask that. They are glass windows and they warned us when we got there not to walk into them because sometimes with the sunlight you forget that they're there! Happy to say that we had no accidents during our stay :)