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Monday, March 13, 2017

Update: This trip almost never happened!

Monday, March 14, 2017

So, did you hear about the big blizzard hitting the East Coast this week??  Yah, well, ummm...that's exactly where we were headed.  We were supposed to land at JFK at 6am, fly out at 11.  But no, both our Hawaiian flight inbound and Emirates flight outbound got cancelled around 7am this morning.  Time to scramble.  I need to get to Nairobi by the 16th, PERIOD.  Between all the phone calls and waiting on hold my blood pressure must've been through the roof.  After researching we found a Seattle flight from Honolulu will allow us to catch an Emirates flight on Tuesday to Dubai.  I got a hold of an Emirates person pretty quickly and with a bunch of begging and explaining, I was able to get on.  There were 8 seats left on the Seattle flight.  Now after me, only 6.  My cousin and Randy's friends weren't so lucky.  They were fighting with the agent on the line for 2 hours because they insisted that there were  no empty seats on Hawaiian.  Long story short (well shorter), they were able to get on a Honolulu - Maui - Seattle flight that landed about an hour after we did.  PHEW!!  It's now 1:30 in the morning and I gotta get up for a 6:30 pick up tomorrow so we can make it for our 9:30 flight.  Wish me luck!  I can't handle anymore stress!!


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, stressful indeed! Take deep breaths and praying for a safe trip over.


jalna said...

You posted!!! Even though it's stressful for you, you're doing GREAT! Exciting!!

Kalin's Mommy said...

OMG, Jalna told me! STRESS!

Leslie's pics said...

Thanks Izsmom! So far so good...

I've been trying to text you from the plane Jalna, I thought it would be cool but it kept failing.

OHMYGAWWWWD MICHELE....i there a worse word I could use than stress? It's like stress x100!