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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Traditional Warrior Dance

Sunday, March 19, 2017

For tonight's sundowner we were treated to a traditional warrior dance.  This dance is done during special ceremonies such as a wedding for the warriors to find a mate.  I'm not sure how serious it is, I was told it was something like the bride catching the bouquet...just because she catches it it doesn't mean she's necessarily gonna be the next one married.  It was quite entertaining, but a nightmare for me to shoot.  Super bright light and their backs were constantly against the sun, which means harsh shadows on their faces.  Ugh.  Oh, did  I tell you I broke my flash?  Yup.  On the first game drive.  It fell off my camera, three feet on to the rocky pavement.  No flash for me tonight.  Fun.

Oh in case you were wondering, today was kind of a rest day for us.  After the village we had the whole day to relax and enjoy the lodge.  It was a much needed break.  I think everyone was a bit tired and still jetlagged.

To get to the dance we walked about 15 minutes down the riverbed to the staging area.  
The warriors wasted no time getting into their groove
This is Laurie.  She was also staying at Sasaab with her boyfriend Mark Boyd.  He's a conservationist with the Safari Collection and also does a lot of work with the community.  You can listen to an interview here.  It's quite interesting
The girls anxiously line up
After the girls get comfortable they join in with the warriors
Once the sun goes down they build a fire and the party continues!


jalna said...

Beautiful!! Love the sky!

Leslie's pics said...

UGH. this was the hardest, hardest, hardest day to shoot. The sun was super bright and of course their backs were to it. I have so many crap shots from this evening.

Anonymous said...

2nd to the last - he's wearing Waldo socks! Adapting to a modern world I guess. -N

Anonymous said...

BTW how hot was it during the day? -N

Leslie's pics said...

Hahahahah N! I never even noticed that. I still wonder where they get their clothes was pretty darn hot during the day, 90s, dry heat with a slight breeze. Sleeping at night wasn't too comfortable either. At least we had a fan. That's where the plunge pool came in handy. The water was really cold so my husband jumped in, I just soaked my feet in there and it did wonders!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Even though you say your pictures came out crappy, they look great to me!

Leslie's pics said...

awwww thanks Aunty, but if you've seen the rejected ones you'd change your mind!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Love the colors.


Leslie's pics said...

Thanks! I love their colors too!