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Friday, March 31, 2017

Rhino, Rhino, Everywhere! You Sure They're Endangered?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Before heading out we had some lunch on the's so cool because the animals hang out right outside the fence and you can watch them from your seat

Solio is special because it is situated on a private reserve and no other lodges are built there.  It is home to about 200 black and white endangered rhinos, cape buffalos, lions, giraffes, zebras...and the list goes on and on.  We had our own private game drive, with the whole place to ourselves.  It was amazing.  
Notice the difference in zebras?  The Grevy zebra at Sasaab had stripes closer together.  These are the common zebras.
This is the white rhino.  They are more abundant than the black.  They are also calmer.  The black rhinos are kinda skiddish so we had to be very quiet around them.  The white rhinos don't give a hoot.
Cape buffalo....aren't they cute?
Sorry, I just can't get enough of these guys. They're so cute!

Let me introduce you to Mr. Water Buck.  He was spotted on day one at Sasaab, a million miles away from where we were parked.  The spotter noticed him in the distance and everyone took out their binoculars or zoom lenses, ooohed and aaaahed when they caught a glimpse of him.  But not Leslie.  Leslie is blind as a bat.  I'm not kidding, it must've took me ten minutes to finally see him after EVERYONE in the jeep gave me some kind of landmark to go by.  They said they weren't moving until I found him.  It was kinda embarassing.  This must've happened at least 5 times during the trip and by the time we got to Solio I was a pro, I think only because the water bucks were hanging around closer so they were easier to find.  Sheesh.  I'm getting old.

As the sun was setting we ran into a pride of lions.  This one was really cute, there were a lot of cubs in this one.  There are two prides living in Solio, I can't remember how many are in each pride, it was something like 14 in one, 22 in the other.  So cool!

We stopped in this spot for our sundowner, what a beautiful sunset.  There was actually a rhino hanging around here, and by sundown he was literally about 20 feet away from where we were standing.  It was a little unnerving but he just minded his own business and did his thing.  I wish I got pictures but it was getting dark and yes, once again, my flash was broken.
On the way back to the lodge we used a spotlight to take some night pics

See you tomorrow!


jalna said...

Awesome! The babies are so cute! Cape buffalo . . . not so cute.

Leslie's pics said...

so, so, so cute! Don't you think that close up of the buffalo was cute? I thought so! ha!

Anonymous said...

More cool pixs, I'm loving it that we can see what you experienced. I had a few questions, one cuz I'm old...since you're out all day where do you go potty? Are there potty breaks? Isn't there a lot of flies with so many animals? Mahalo, N

Honolulu Aunty said...

The are so, so, so cute! I just love baby animals.

Anonymous said...

What an adventure! Love it. The baby rhino is so adorable! Thank you for sharing.


Leslie's pics said...

Sooo, N...there's lots and lots of bushes out there! Yup, potty in the bushes. Luckily for me I only had to pee once, yes, only pee! If we had to go the guide will look for a safe place with lots of bushes and we would just go right there. About the flies, strangely there were flies but I only seen them around the animals. If you look closely at some of my rhino pics later, they're all over them. But they didn't bother us at all. Bizarre yah?

Aunty the baby animals were super cute. Stay tuned...more to come!!

Glad you're enjoying it Izsmom! I thought you guys would be bored by now!