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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Game Drive Part 2...

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Before we stopped for breakfast we followed Nala for a little bit just to see where she was headed. She was found lying comfortably under the shade by the river.
It's amazing how the humans don't faze them at all.  We got pretty darn close and she didn't even glance at us.
After that adrenalin rush it was finally time for breakfast.
We had Daniel McMuffins!
Elephants were frolicking near the well in the river




As we were driving away we noticed a family of lions crossing the riverbed, so we followed them
They went to meet up with mommy...
Further down the riverbed we ran into some baboons
And the elephants came to join them


It was time to go back and rest up for lunch and get ready for our sundowner at Sundown Rock.  Some sights along the way...
Warthog (Pumbaa!)...check!
Oh, and this was the view from our room by the way...

I'm not sure if you've been paying attention but I've found all but the Somali Ostrich.  Unfortunately that's the only one the list that I can't check off.  But, luckily there were two walking around the riverbed right in front of Susie's and Evam's cottage and they snapped a really good picture of them! They got to see all seven!!  So lucky...


jalna said...

That view from the room!!! How unreal izdat! All of the animals look so healthy and well fed, including the lions.

Kalin's Mommy said...

Nice pics! But that's a little too close to the lions for me! LOL, I so chicken.

Leslie's pics said...

OHMYGAWWWWD Jalna, the view from the room was AMAZING! How cool is it that we could hang out by the pool and watch a family of elephants hanging out?? The rooms on the other side saw baboons, elephants, ostriches, and a few other creatures walked up to their room! The animals are well fed, which I'm glad I didn't have to see what they were feeding on. There's lots of animals out there to choose from! yikes!

Hahahah Michele, that's exactly what Amanda said. I posted a picture on IG and the lion was only about 10 feet away, on Amanda's side of the jeep! I'll post it later on the blog

Anonymous said...

Just amazing!


Leslie's pics said...

Yes, Izsmom, it totally was!!!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Fantastic pics and trip so far! My daughter wants to go to Africa and see the animals. Me, I would just go for the textiles - fabric, crafts, etc.

btw, Ross Kahala had some great giraffe thingees. I thought of you. I bet you going start a collection of African animals and stuff.

Leslie's pics said...

Thanks Aunty! If your daughter ever gets the chance she should definitely go. I think this was the best trip I've been on so far, and I travel quite a bit. I didn't get to see too many crafts, we were out on game drives most of the time and the village we visited didn't show us any. We did see some at the airport before we left Sasaab but I was on a weight restriction so I only bought tiny trinkets. Ross Kahala? I'd better stay away from there! I probably would buy a lot of stuff that I don't need!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING and GREAT, GREAT, photos... really enjoyed and enjoying them, most appreciative you are sharing them, a BIG, BIG, mahalo ..

am in wonderment that you are allowed to get so close to the animals, what excitement and experience...

... hilorain ...

Leslie's pics said...

Thanks hilorain! Everyday was exciting, we never knew what we were gonna see...It was an incredible experience, I'd definitely recommend it to any animal/nature lover!