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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Me & Jalna are in Kauai!!

Thursday, July 7, 2016
Anahola, Kilauea, Hanalei

This was a spur of the moment field trip.  I had 2 days of vacation to kill by July 16th or else I would lose it.  I just happened to run across this you tube video on Facebook and it showed various artists at various spots across all the islands while singing Hawaii Aloha.  From the very start it showed Anahola Beach, which I've never seen before and it was GORGEOUS.  Next they showed Hanalei Pier...I was sold.  So of course who do I call?? JALNA!!!  It just so happened that this weekend worked out perfectly for the both of us.

We flew in early on Thursday morning, we had a long 3 days ahead of us.  First stop, Anahola Beach.  We needed to make a dry run out to the beach because we want to go out there at sunrise.  Since it's gonna be dark we didn't want to chance getting lost and missing out on our window of opportunity.  We had the whole beach to ourselves.  Unbelievable.  




Sorry in advance, you're gonna have to see all the food pics on Jalna's blog, I was too lazy and too hungry to take pics

We then headed up north to Hanalei, but stopped at Kilauea Lighthouse.  I didn't want to pay $5 to go in so we just took a pic from afar...hehe yah. I'm cheap.

On the way into the lighthouse we saw this cute fruit stand...




When we first looked for Hanalei Pier we drove too far and was to far into the bay.  But when we were driving through the parking lot I saw this.  I had Jalna jump out and take a picture with my phone.

We got to Hanalei Pier early.  REALLY early.  I looked online and it said sunset was at 6:55.  I think we got there around 4:00.  We were gonna take a few pics, leave, then come back for the sunset but the beach was pretty crowded so we didn't want to lose our parking space.  So we waited.  and waited. and waited.  I got burnt in the process.  But it was pretty beautiful out there.

I kinda wouldn't recommend taking this shot because you can't stand up, it's about 3 feet high under there so you're either kneeling or sitting on the sand, and it stinks like dead fish.


It wasn't much of a sunset and there were a ton of people on the pier.  I took a few pictures and gave up because I wasn't happy about how they were turning out.  I think we should try for sunrise instead.  Maybe nobody will be here.

Oh we stayed at Kauai Inn in Lihue.  It was a cute inexpensive place.  Good location for us.  I think Jalna took pictures of the place, I forgot :-\

After Hanalei we headed home because we had to wake up at 4am to head back out to Anahola for a 6am sunrise...


Kay said...

Wow! I'm really loving your awesome photos. You and Jalna are just amazing photographers! Jalna's post said you'd both gone to Kauai and I could hardly believe it since we're about to go for three days also. We were figuring on Hanalei Valley and Waimea Canyon. I haven't been back to Kauai in 20 years. Anahola Beach looks fabulous! Love those photos!

Leslie's pics said...

Thanks Kay! I loved, loved, loved Anahola and Hanalei. It's amazing how secluded the beaches were! We practically had the whole beach to ourselves in Anahola BOTH times! Hanalei was a bit more crowded but nowhere near how our beaches are. We both haven't been to Kauai in ages so this was a a fun adventure for us.

Kalin's Mommy said...

Nice pics!

Susie said...

Awesome pictures Les. Looks like you guys had loads of fun.

Leslie's pics said...

Thanks Michele!

We missed you Susie! Too bad you couldn't make it. You woulda had a blast!

jalna said...

Very, very awesome photos, Les! It was totally worth it, yah!! Plus, was so good fun. "Dead fish" . . . HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Funny, but true!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Great pictures! I really like the one under the pier - reminded me of the California pier one that is famous. I think you took one way back at some relative's wedding, yes?

Wasn't Anahola super windy? Your pictures make me wonder if it was a different beach - you made it look really fantastic.

I love Hanalei. To me, it is one of the most beautiful spots in the world. We stayed in the Wilcox beach house right on the bay eons ago when a friend set it up for us and we fished for oama, the kids all piled into an outrigger canoe as the adults went round and round because our steersman friend (who arranged our stay) had left to go back to Honolulu. It was a wonderful magical place, except for the hippies who acted like they owned the town.

Leslie's pics said...

Sooooo worth it Jalna. Glad we were able to go. And yes, dead fish, you didn't have much of it cause you chickened out and left me under there to suffer by myself. Soooo stink!!

Thanks Aunty! Yah, I took pictures at the pier in San Diego, that one was much easier, I was able to stand up and no hauna smell under there! It was super windy the day we went though so I need to go back one day to try again. Anahola wasn't too windy. I was surprised. It was actually supposed to rain. All the forecasts said rain for the whole time we were there. We got lucky. It was so beautiful there. Hanalei was gorgeous too, I just wish it was as isolated as Anahola. It was pretty crowded but compared to Oahu it wasn't.