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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hanalei Pier

Jalna and I got to the pier to catch the sunset early.  If you saw my post from day one, you know it was REALLY, REALLY early.  We got to do a lot of people watching while we got nice and burnt in the sun.

I noticed this guy on a paddleboard with three of his dogs.   It was the cutest thing.  They looked like they were having a great time.

They were so tiny so he was tossing them up on the air and they got to splash around in the ocean
so cute yah!
IMG_4094 (1)

I hope you can see this, I forget how to upload a normal size video and i'm too tired to go look it up.

It started to get really hot so we found a nice big tree to sit under.  The dogs were running loose and one of them came to hang out with us.  This is the dog from my selfie...


I was playing with another dog during the sunrise shoot at Anahola.  He was jumping around too much so my selfies never come out :(


jalna said...

Sooooo cute!! The dog that kept stealing your slippahs at Anahola . . . that was funny!! I shoulda took pictures of you trying to get them back. Shucks.

Leslie's pics said...

hahahahaha I totally forgot about that!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Kauai is getting crowded! Still, SO beautiful. You must be a dog magnet, so very nice!

Leslie's pics said...

Aunty - I was complaining that Hanalei was too crowded too. But as I was looking around, it was nowhere near Waikiki or any other beach here on Oahu! It must be nice living somewhere so quiet and peaceful!