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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mt Cook, Day 2

Aww man, our trip is coming to an end.  We drive out tomorrow back to Queensland and then we fly out on Sunday at midnight.  Gotta make the most out of our days left!  We had to check out of our motel to move about 400 yards down the street to another one.  We needed to make last minute accomodations for last night and the place we're staying tonight didn't have any vacancies.  Since check in wasn't until 3:00 we drove to Lake Tekapo which is about hour away (I'm getting sick of driving by the way...)

This isn't the lake, I just thought it was pretty

Here's Lake Tekapo.  Looks kinda neat, there was a ton of clouds and fog this morning and it just lifted as we got to the lake




Mt. Cook on the drive back

Mt Cook from our room.  Pretty cool, yah?

We went to try our own stargazing tonight.  I wasn't too sure if it was a good idea cause it was still a bit cloudy out there (oops.  forgot to fix the landscape...too lazy to go back and fix it!)

I'm so glad we went.  It was pretty awesome.  The moon was only a small crescent but it brightened up the sky.  I was hoping it would go away but it didn't.  Anyways, you see that streak in the middle?  It was a slow moving falling star!!  It fell for a really long time.  We must've watched it for about 20 seconds!

I was able to get amazing shots of the Milky Way (yah, I actually learned something last night!)



We woulda stayed longer till it got darker but it was freakin cold and my lens was fogging up!  I was happy with what I got.  I could still use the practice but.  Oh, in case you're wondering, 5000 ISO, f/2.8 @ 20-30 sec.  I used 30 sec in the beginning but the moon was giving off so much light I didn't need to expose for that long.


jalna said...

HOLY MOLY!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!! Everything there is so pretty. And you got great places to stay at. Or maybe it didn't matter because the view is awesome wherever you are?

Les said...

Thanks Jalna! It is sooo beautiful up here, got really lucky with the accoms, not every room has views like we had. Cheap too! All of our rooms were under $200 USD. Actually most of them were in the $140 range!! I think I was already on infinity settings the first time I did the star shoot, but it's good to know! You woulda had so much fun doing this...we gotta go try someday!

jalna said...

Gotta find someplace dark that's safe in Hawaii. I don't think there's such a thing.

Les said...

Gotta find us a body guard...when's the next time Landon is going night fishing?? :D

jalna said...

Hmmmm . . . maybe Wendell is a better bet. He's been repairing some poles lately . . .

Les said...

are the poles for our defense? To hit the bad guys on the head when they wanna steal our gear??

jalna said...

Hahahahaha!!! K. Maybe we gotta bring some baseball bats too then.