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Friday, April 17, 2015

Doubtful Sound & Meclizine is my friend!!

If you ever decide to come to New Zealand, you must must must take a cruise down the Doubtful Sound.  It is absolutely incredible.  One problem, it is not for the weak at me.  I inquired about the "roughness" of the cruise before I bought the tickets and the girl said that it's basically smooth until you got out to sea, where it can get a little rough.  You will stay out there for about 20 minutes.  For those of you who get seasick, ask your doctor to prescribe you some Meclizine.  If you are one that is prone to getting seasick then this will be your best friend.  I am EXTREMELY sensitive and so far I've had to use it about 4 times and never had a problem. 

Back to the boat.  It was kinda mildly rocky the whole time, but HOLY SH*&**&$$T when we got out to sea I thought I was gonna fall over the edge.  Think of this...Up, two, three, Down, two, three...that is how high the boat was rocking.  I had trouble getting back to my seat and when I finally got back there I started to get a little queasy.  I'm surprised I didn't see anyone get sick.  I saw one lady lying down but she didn't toss any cookies.  If I didn't take my medicine I would've been extremely green.  Once the boat got back to the sound area I felt a whole lot better.

These views make the whole thing worth it.  Sorry, I will probably bore you with this post but I just couldn't get enough pictures of this place!

There was a heavy fog in the morning, which quickly lifted as we sailed on.  I didn't wanna go outside, it was too freakin cold!

Randy of course wanted to be a hotshot and check it out up top


I look like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man!









The water was so glassy the reflections were insane!!



Couldn't help it.


Off to the Catlins tomorrow!  I can't wait!


jalna said...

So so so so pretty!!!!!!!

Les said...

who? the sheep??? bwahahahah!! I think it's nicer than Alaska. You gotta try make it over here one day...i'll drive you! Just gotta keep me awake.