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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Monday and Tuesday, November 4 and 5, 2014

I'm in New York!!  Randy and I flew in on Monday morning and are staying in a cute apartment on the lower east side.  I love the East Village.  So many places to go that are in walking distance of each other.  I like our apartment except it's on Delancey, a main street heading towards the Willamsburg bridge.  VERY NOISY.  I barely slept the first night.  Good thing Randy brought ear plugs with him so I slept a little better last night.  Still worth every penny.




Our first meal of the day was The Meatball Shop.  In case you don't know, this is the first place that doctor who ended up with Ebola stopped to eat when he got back from Africa.  It's been about a week, that's long enough to wait, huh?



It was delish.  Mines was better than Randy's  :)

For the rest of the day (and probably the rest of the trip) I was using my iphone to take pics.  Since we haven't gone to anyplace new I didn't want to lug my camera all over the place.

Next stop:  The Doughnut Plant.  I can't believe how close this place is to us.  We used to take the subway over here.  It took us about 10 minutes to walk there.  Awesome!  We only picked up two donuts.  


For dinner we headed to our favorite pizza joint, Lombardis!

We got half margherita, half italian sausage.   Sooo didn't disappoint.

Randy, the piggy that he is, decides that he's still hungry and wanted to try a vodka pizza at Rubyrosas, which is about a block away.

Yesterday we hung out at the apartment for breakfast, I ate a slice of cold pizza :).  Randy was in the mood for some fried chicken so we walked over to Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken.  Holy crap.  This was some good chicken.  We ate at their other restaurant the last time we were here but I forgot how good it was.


We didn't have much planned today so I wanted to go to Times Square to visit the Hello Kitty shop...sorry, I really don't care for Times Square, it's just too crowded and too many tourists.  Seeing Hello Kitty is pretty much the only reason I'd go there.  THE DAMN STORE CLOSED DOWN.  It's empty.  No warning, nada.  I checked online on my phone and couldn't find any post saying that they moved or shut down.  BASTARDS!

Since I couldn't go there, I headed to Dylan's Candy Bar, another favorite of mine.  Low and behold, look what I saw!  



We tried going to the MLB Fan Cave but it was locked :(

After a long day of walking around, we found ourselves back in the village and close to one of my favorite ice cream stops, Big Gay Ice Cream.  The Salty Pimp is out of this world!  Soft serve ice cream injected with salted caramel, sprinkled with sea salt and then dipped in chocolate.  

Anyone looking for a boyfriend??

We went to a restauraunt called Sauce which was a couple of blocks away from the apartment.  Holy guacamole their food was yummmm.  This is our fresh mozzarella and beefsteak tomato salad.  This picture does no justice.  It's super dark in there so this came out like crap

Used the flash with this one, I ordered the fresh pappardelle pasta with bolognese and that's a little sampling of Randy's calamari.



jalna said...

OMG da food!!!! Everything looks so good!! Been waiting for this post. Just like your pizza . . . didn't disappoint.

Les said...

awww thanks Jalna! Sooo much little time. I'm gonna come back 20 lbs heavier and my sister is gonna kill me!

Kalin's Mommy said...

Um...quarantine 21 days!!!!! LOL... awesome pics/post!

Les said...

21 more days of vacation? That would be AWESOME!!!