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Saturday, November 8, 2014

It's cold!

Friday, November 7, 2014
New York City

We didn't have anything planned today.  I asked Randy if he ever rode the Staten Island Ferry, and he said no!  What?  It's free and it's a pretty nice ride.  Off we went to the 1 South Street to get on the ferry.

Had to pick up one of those $2.50 breakfast sandwiches...they're so good!  The bread is always soo soft


It was a beautiful day, but it was COLD! It was in the 40s, add the wind from the boat and you're freezing!



I'm still mad that Randy's phone takes better pictures than mines.

For lunch we were jonezing for a burger...a steak burger...yummmm


I asked Randy if we could just share one cause I wasn't that hungry.  He wasn't happy.

Holy crap.  This was a good burger.

I thought this was cool.  It's a couple of blocks away from our place.

Union Square at dusk.  BRRRRRRRR.  

Have you ever had an egg creme?  I never heard of it.  It's kind of like a root beer float, except that we bought a chocolate one.  Supposedly this little liquor store makes one of the best ones.  You should try it if you ever come to the city.

It's right at this corner.


jalna said...

I can't believe the ferry ride is free. Nothing is free nowadays. The breakfast sandwich looks good. The pink hamburger looks gross. And is that a fortune telling machine, like the one in Big? Looks cool, but kinda spooky.

Les said...

So funny that you noticed Zoltar. That's totally the same one that's on Big. It talks and everything! "I am Zoltar...."

That pink hamburger was AMAZING. Oh and by the way, our Japan jacket came in realllllly handy here.

jalna said...

I noticed in today's post that you look all comfy cozy in the jacket. Brings back memories!