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Saturday, May 24, 2014

I'm home!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

We did quite a bit of shopping up in Japan.  I actually think I bought more when I went with Jalna...can you believe that??

Thanks sooooo much to my cousin Susie....she got us some cheap airline tickets!   You da bestest!!

This is only my stash.  Randy has his own!

Here are some really good finds...

Ume from Yufuin.  Good thing had samples cause I probably wouldn't have bought this.  It was DELICIOUS.

Ume Pretz!  These were really hard to find.  I first found them in a supermarket in Yufuin and there were only 2 left.  I bought them both.  I then found it in another supermarket in Hakata Station (after looking in EVERY store that I passed) and there were only 3 left there too....yup.  Bought all 3.

Ramen Pretz
I could only find this at one store at Hakata Station

We found cool tea bag style coffee near Tenjin Station (3 stops away from Hakata).  They also have an origami style drip coffee, you open up the filter and these little paper arms are attached to it where you rest it on your coffee cup.  Pour the water in the filter and you have instant drip coffee!  I bought these for the guys at work cause it's easier to use than the drip one.  We don't need people pouring hot water into coffee mugs.  They'll prolly burn themselves!

Yummmm...these chocolate marshmallows were from Hakata Station (we lucked out, the station had some great finds!)  A little pricey, 350¥ for 5 marshmallows, but sooooooo worth it

I forgot where I bought this but it's a spicy nori paste that you can put on rice, pasta, etc...

And of course...Mentaiko pretz!



Dd said...

Schluuurrrpppppp !!!!

Les said...

hahaha Didi...I woulda brought home more if I could!!